Mobile Fundraising Apps For Schools

We live in an age where most people are glued to their smartphones. Leaving many traditional methods behind, people can manage their financial accounts, social media accounts, shopping, email accounts, healthcare bills, insurance bills and so much more on smartphones. It’s safe to say that the best way to reach people is through their smartphone! 

While traditional school fundraisers are still popular today, it’s quickly waning. With more Millennials becoming parents, they’ll be more inclined to donate to charities and fundraisers via their smartphones than face to face experiences. So why not make it easier for parents to donate to your fundraiser with the quick press of a button?

Fundraiser apps and crowd sourcing websites are the trick! Most websites have an accompanying app lingering not too far behind; why not give it a try?

We have collected a few fundraiser apps that are growing in popularity for schools. They’re easy to use and benefit both the giver and the receiver! Let’s take a look at some of these popular fundraising apps.

1. Shoparoo

Shoparoo is a fun fundraising app with a simple concept: take pictures of your store receipts to earn “Roo Points”. With every Roo Point, Shoparoo will make a cash donation to your school of choice! This can be used at most grocery stores, health stores and general merchandising stores. It’s that easy!

2. Facebook Fundraiser

Everyone is on Facebook today, right? Why not use their platform to raise money for your school? Simply create the fundraiser on your Facebook page and invite people to like it. Facebook will provide a donate button that makes it super easy for people to contribute monetarily. 

3. GoFundMe

Go Fund Me is one of the first crowd sourcing websites to hit the market. Download the app on your smartphone, and it becomes even easier to donate to a great cause. It works by sharing your story and explaining your need for funding. You can also share photos and links to help others gain a proper understanding of your fundraiser. The donation button is conveniently located underneath your story. 

4. Fundraising & Make Money

This fundraising app is great for schools! The interface is so easy to use that a 12 year old can operate it with ease. It allows you to create a fundraising plan and share it with others. It also provides helpful tips and tutorials on successful fundraising and strategies. If you’re new to fundraising apps, this would be a great start!

5. Hour-A-Thon

Hour-A-Thon is yet another great fundraising app for schools. This is a team friendly app that allows your school AND parents to participate in the fundraising process. Similar to Shoparoo, you and your school can earn money together whenever your shop online or pay in the store with gift cards purchased through the app. You can check them out at:

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