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African-American Millennials surpass 30 percent of the total Millennial market in 12 metros. Jackson, MS; Memphis, tn-ms-ar; augusta-richmond county, GA-SC; Columbus, GA-AL; and, Columbia, SC are the top five with respect to the African American share of all Millennials. In contrast, some of the largest metro markets – Houston, New York, Chicago, Dallas, Boston, San Francisco, and Riverside,

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New survey data from marketing research firm Viant reveals the spending traits of African-American Millennials, who comprise about 26 percent.

When it comes to marketing to black millennials, it's not what you know, it's who you know. No one knows black audiences like black marketers.

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Studies have shown that the African American community has been undercounted, she continued, so organizations like BWOPA are.

 · African American Millennial men are avid social media users. They are reported as being the most intense users of the internet based on time and frequency. More than any other Millennial of ethnic background, African American men use social media to research and purchase the best product for the best price. When targeting African American men consider emphasizing online.

“And where they’re showing up is predominantly suburban America where millennials have been.. They own houses now. Also.

American Millennials Deciphering the Enigma Generation The sheer size and buying power of this generation means that they’re not just future consumers, they’re a vital part of the market right now – and they have been for some time.

– With African American Millennials being the most intense users of the internet in the USA, based on length of time and frequency, this is a group that should be of particular interest to advertisers investing in online campaigns. The current marketing literature states that minorities respond more favorably to media and imagery that is targeted to them.

Marketing To African American Millennials . 0 . 0. We have been preaching the message of how to effectively market to African American millennials and the Hispanic Millennial project has been getting the message out too with their latest research study which can be found below:

 · Brands would be wise to open their arms to the African-American millennial market May 4, 2018. By Anne Field. With a population of 11.5 million, African-American millennials comprise 14 percent of the total millennial population in the U.S. and 25 percent of the total black population, according to Nielsen.