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It’s Leap Year, and that gives marketers one extra day in February to get their brand noticed. We’re seeing a few themes, and a few standout examples in this year’s Leap Year marketing campaigns. Make the most of this extra day Brands like Harley and Nokia are asking their audiences to imagine what they can do with the extra day.

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leap year: Occurs every 4 years and adds one extra day to the month of February. This rare occurrence increases the standard 365-day year to 366 days. The leap year is necessary to keep the calendar year synchronized with the astronomical year. The leap year is based on the Gregorian calendar, which extends the standard 365-day year by a day.

d1 marketing demarketing: Efforts aimed at discouraging (not destroying) the demand for a product which (1) a firm cannot supply in large-enough quantities, or (2) does not want to supply in a certain region where the high costs of distribution or promotion allow only a too little profit margin. common demarketing strategies include higher prices,

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Leap Year Program. A leap year is the one which has 366 days in a year. A leap year comes after every four years. Hence a leap year is always a multiple of four. For example, 2016, 2020, 2024, etc are leap years. Leap Year Program. This program states whether a year is leap year or not from the specified range of years (1991 – 2016). Example:

Python Program to Check Leap year. leap year: A year is called a leap year if it contains an additional day which makes the number of the days in that year is 366. This additional day is added in February which makes it 29 days long. A leap year occurred once every 4 years. How to determine if a year is a leap year?

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