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Intellectual Property is an asset that can be turned into cash in the form of licensing income, royalties, additional professional fees, or an enhanced purchase price when the time comes for your agency to be sold. It may also create ongoing passive revenue streams for your Agency to supplement its client billings.

Intellectual property rights play a crucial role in the marketing strategy of all kinds of an increasing number of companies, and it involves a set of processes, creations and communications offerings which have value for the clients, customers or society in general.

which marketing activity is most directly served by the promotion element of the marketing mix? Secoo’s press release contains a reconciliation of the unaudited non-GAAP measure to the audited most directly comparable. the sales and marketing expense? And my second question is, can management.

However, previous analysis of intellectual property has focused only on the costs. such as marketing — when these activities confer benefits on competitors.

Mary Juetten. Mary Juetten is the founder and CEO of, the only self-guided software platform that creates your custom intellectual property (ip) strategy.mary has dedicated 25+ years to helping businesses achieve and protect their success, specializing in leading companies in transition or startup phases and helping them create sustainable, operational, and financial growth.

Intellectual Property Rights and Marketing Different IP rights may contribute to your marketing strategy in different ways: Trade and Service Marks A well-crafted mark is often a decisive tool for the success of your SME in the market place.

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Some Basics of Intellectual Property Law . Let’s begin with some elementary facts about the laws-so we are all starting from the same place. (And yes, intellectual property law is, in fact, a large enough issue to have its own category and specialists who do nothing but litigate in this arena.)

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La Marque Law is a law and branding blog that covers intellectual property, advertising, and privacy. This blog is for entrepreneurs, startups, creative brands, influencers, small businesses, bloggers, digital content creators, disruptors, and dreamers.

Intellectual property protection pvp certificate owners have the rights to exclude others from marketing/selling, importing/exporting, or stocking their variety as well as other provisions described in section 111 of the PVP Act. It is the responsibility of the variety owner to enforce their PVP Rights.

This effort includes diligently identifying and marketing intellectual property (IP) derived from UGA research. Our goals are to support, facilitate and reward UGA.

digital marketing agreement template marketing strategies for artists The art of marketing. Marketing is an art in itself. Believe it or not, you already have a big part of the skillset. The rest can be learned through hard work and dedication. You’ve learned to study, to practice, to be persistent, to grow a thick skin, to listen to your audiences and grow with them.