Fundraising Ideas & Companies For Schools

“Back in the day” fundraising for schools used to consist of car washes, bake sales, and pleading for donations from friends and family. You would either call them, put up flyers or go get pledges by knocking on peoples doors. No one had a budget for marketing, I mean, you didn’t really have any money to start with.

Well in 2020, times have changed. The internet and phones in general have changed everything. No you can reach people in a matter of seconds with a quick online message or text.

Modern day companies like Adrenaline Fundraising have taken into account these changes and created an app where people can track and donate right from their phone which is quick and easy. They also wrote a great article on fundraising ideas for schools here: (

Let’s say you were asking for money per lap for swimming. With this app, you can keep track of and record your laps and it will instantly show for the donor letting them know what you did and how much it worked out to be in the end. They can also set a limit so not to exceed a certain amount.

After this process, the money can be collected with a push of the button, rather than having to go back and collect. It saves time, effort, gas, and money. It is also clear and keeps track for tax deductions. It is just easier all around.

Adrenaline has already used their app to help hundreds of schools raise money for just about every kind of cause and event you can think of. If makes it easier for people to give and that is why it is so great and effective. Even better, as most people don’t carry cash anymore, they can pay through card. Typically this means that they could be even more generous in their giving.

All in all Adrenaline Fundraising has a great thing going and if you are looking into doing any kind of fundraising in the future, you might consider checking them out.