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He manages the business, operational, marketing, HR, strategy, and cross-functional initiatives and product strategies for eharmony. thod nguyen, Chief Technology Officer. info: Thod earned a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from McGill University. He previously worked as the CTO.

Although Columbia Business School often gets pigeonholed as a finance school, it’s really a top-notch program to learn about strategy. My professors in various subjects – from marketing to tech investing – have pushed my classmates and me to think deeply about competitive advantage. Indeed, this semester I am taking a course called Economics of Strategic Behavior, which provides.

The marketing strategy in the social media industry determines the profit potentiality of the company. For instance, Piskorski et al (2008) asserts that eHarmony centered on creating publicity through the owners who appeared in TV and radio programs including home news programs.

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So promotion strategies that work well for or other platforms – like job-hunting sites – may be dangerous for eHarmony, as they may unintentionally undermine the site’s core value.

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Related Video: Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses Mobile Marketer reports. Tinder brought the evolving landscape of online dating — capitalized on by sites like and eHarmony — to.

For my capstone marketing class at Western Washington we were given a case on eHarmony (from Harvard Business School) and had to decide which strategy they should use for the future.

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eHarmony entered an online market dominated by two well-established brands, and Yahoo, and it seemed to violate all the standard practices and conventional wisdom of the industry at the time. Unlike other dating sites, eHarmony decided not to allow users to search and browse their Web site for potential mates.

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eHarmony’s shift in advertising strategy has made me think, again, about how fast-track and guided communication may fit in a person’s eHarmony strategy. Over a year ago, when I first tested fast-track, eHarmony was following the "Come here to find the person you want to marry" marketing strategy.

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