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 · Just apply the marketing concepts in every decision you take

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Practice Marketing is the first in a series of 3D, multiplayer business strategy games designed for McGraw-Hill Education’s new line of digital learning products. A multiplayer simulation of the backpack industry, Practice Marketing enables students to put their marketing skills to the test in a fun and competitive, real-world environment.

Marketing In the simulation it allows the groups to choose how they want to market their backpack. Whether it is through social media, television, magazines, radio shows, and more, a team can choose which route they would like to take.

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The practice week went well for our group. In our first turn we had lost money and were in last place. We learned from our mistakes and finished the week in 2nd place after advancing in all but one turn. Day 1 The Real Deal As a team, we decided on the best strategy: Target

Standing: First place Final Balance: $31,414 Market share: 27% Avg. units sold: 371 Avg. Marketing Cost: $1,445 Overall Our Turning Point New target market: Urban Commuters Takeaways By: Chris Millan,Sarah Meredith, and Sarah Christiansen Team 4: Outdoor Team 5: University

Online – not aligned with the core of our market Radio – greater reach, less $ than TV ads Gross profit stays constant Only 1 unit sold! If We Had a Second Chance. Why? Our Learnings results gross profit and Units Sold Double Total Revenue $9,000 –> $19,000 Market Share

This video is designed for students. It provides an overview of how to play the Marketing and positioning simulation game. The simulation game is available f.

Practice Marketing puts you in the role of a marketing decision-maker for a small backpack company. You research the market for backpacks and choose a promising market segment to target. Then you design a backpack with the goal of matching its style, attributes and special features to the preferences of that market segment.