What to do with Failures w/ @KimanziC #StarveTheDoubts

Success is persistence through failure. No one likes to fail, but failures build characters and create the stepping stones that ultimately lead to exciting wins! Kimanzi and Jared are no strangers to failure. They uncover some of their own failures and how they have worked through those challenges to stay on the right track toward reaching their goals.


  1. Mark DeJesus on October 26, 2015 at 9:12 pm

    I absolutely loved this episode! Thank you Jared for your transparency. I think that people need to hear that side of this journey, that there are real hardships and disappointments. And we often have to make decisions to make our way into the next stage that is not what we often planned on. I appreciate your vulnerability. Kimanzi, thank you for your absolute honesty about the process and how you worked your way through it. I think people need to hear more of the hard times others go through. We often see all the success stories and many people get discouraged, thinking it should have come through quicker. This process is challenging, but one that refines who we are and what we feel called to do. Jared, I am praying and believing that Podcast movement will move into a world wide franchise. Thank you for putting so much into what helps so many. I am praying for triple blessing.

  2. Christopher Puckett on November 1, 2015 at 12:32 pm

    Just wow! I’m currently in the situation you guys talked about, having to go back to work after leaving and hoping to live as a entrepreneur. When I first left I was running a property maintenance company and moved to a new area thinking I could manage my old area from two states away and build a base in the new area. I was wrong. I returned to full-time work a year ago but I’m still trying to find ways to earn income on the side and build a business so that I can come home and work full-time on my terms. Thanks for your message and being so transparent and, not just showing the positives and what could happen. Thanks

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