Redefining Rich with Matt Ham (@MattHamSr @JoshuaWRivers)

Matt Ham   In today’s episode, Starve the Doubts host Jared Easley is joined by Joshua Rivers from the Creative Studio Academy, as they interview Matt Ham, husband, father of 3 boys, podcaster, speaker, Bow Tie Friday spokesman, and author of the new book Redefine Rich: A New Perspective on The Good Life. Matt is an entrepreneur. He has an insurance agency in North Carolina but he has always had this passion or longing to speak. Eighteen months ago, he was encouraged to start writing and this paved the way for him to uncover his true potential that has just been waiting to be unleashed from within. Matt seeks to bring perspective to people about the things that he has learned and open the doors for people to uncover a deeper meaning of what it really means to be rich and discover how they can enrich their own lives.   In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • The power of journaling and how to start doing one.
  • How his process of redefining rich began (at a hospital room)
  • Asking yourself BIG questions
  • How the film It’s a Wonderful Life impacted his life
  • Recognizing being broke vs. broken
  • The importance of investing in others
  • Choosing gratitude in the midst of a bad circumstance
  • What it means to be greatfull
  • Combining humility and confidence
  • Why we are all born terminal
  • Leaving your legacy
Redefine Rich Podcast with Matt Ham

Redefine Rich Podcast with Matt Ham

Items mentioned:   How journaling has impacted his life

  • It forces clarity.
  • Filtering through all the noise and getting into the truth
  • Being intentional about thinking your thoughts

Tips in starting a journal:

  • Grab a pen.
  • Ask questions.
  • “The quality of your life is determined by the quality of the questions in it.”  – Andy Andrews

What the hospital means to Matt:

  • Sifting through all the noise and how Matt started writing
  • What the nurse said to Matt’s aunt who was dealing with cancer
  • One of the greatest questions he has asked to himself

The insights he got from the movie It’s a Wonderful Life Being broke vs. broken

  • No one wants to admit fault or brokenness.
  • Brokenness is the only condition that allows for healing to occur.

Investing in others

  • Investment of your time and energy to experience richness
  • Yielding compound opportunity

Choosing gratitude in the midst of a bad circumstance

  • The keyword is choice
  • Gratitude must be chosen. It can be chosen regardless of circumstance.


  • We can achieve greatness only when we understand the principle of gratitude.
  • We can live fully when we understand gratitude.

Combining humility and confidence

  • Humble yourself with confidence.
  • The world tells us you can only pick either confidence or humility.
  • “You can be proud of being humble.” – C.S. Lewis
  • Walking the line between humility and confidence.
Redefine Rich by Matt Ham

Redefine Rich by Matt Ham

We are all born terminal. We don’t have to wait for a diagnosis to begin living our life out.   Leaving a legacy of your life

  • The way we tell our stories empowers other people to live their own and invites people into that message

  Connect with Matt:   Matt’s final thoughts for the listeners:   “There is incredible purpose behind everything that’s going on in your life.”   “Look at you life with that level of reflection. And hold on to the hope and the truth that everything is moving you in a direction. It’s just a matter of your perspective with which you process those thoughts.”   “It’s not just about doing it for yourself. It’s about inviting people along and empowering people to live their own story.”  


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