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What to do with Failures w/ @KimanziC #StarveTheDoubts

Success is persistence through failure. No one likes to fail, but failures build characters and create the stepping stones that ultimately lead to exciting wins! Kimanzi and Jared are no strangers to failure. They uncover some of their own failures and how they have worked through those challenges to stay on the right track toward…

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Success with Free Information! with @KimanziC #StarveTheDoubts

It is amazing how much free information is available. However, many people have a mindset that they have to “invest” in themselves by spending a lot of money on products, resources, coaching, etc. that may not be necessary. Kimanzi & Jared discuss when it makes sense to stick with free & when it does not.

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How Do I Get My Spouse on Board? with @KimanziC #StarveTheDoubts

One of the biggest challenges that new entrepreneurs, builders & dream chasers encounter is getting their spouse or significant other to support the vision. Unfortunatley, this can be a challenge in the beginning because of lack of resources, money is not coming in and various other variable. Kimanzi & Jared discuss what has worked for…

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