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Francis Biondi - Starve the Doubts Podcast Interview

FrancisBCookin and #MasterChef with Francis Biondi (@mc5francisb & @vernonfoster)


Francis B.


Starve the Doubts host, Jared Easley, along with co-host Vernon Foster from, interviews Fox’s Masterchef Season 5 Top 15 finalist, Francis B.


Of Filipino-Italian descent, Francis Biondi is a 26-year old professional golfer-turned-homecook  who is also cooking up some awesome blog posts over at


Prior to joining the contest, Francis B. is a server at the acclaimed Rusty Spoon restaurant in Orlando.  His signature dish that landed him a spot on the top 30 finals was a southern comfort dish fused with a Moroccan touch – a cornmeal crusted grouper sitting on top of a Moroccan chickpea, relished with avocado and cucumber and pickled red onion.  His second dish was a short rib and lamb meatloaf, a gastronomic treat that earned praises from the Masterchef judges.

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • Why Francis considers himself as an “eclectic nomad”
  • How his spring rolls gave him access to celebrities
  • How his degree in entrepreneurship helped him post-Masterchef
  • Golf and cooking as his passions
  • How he got discovered by casting executives for Masterchef.
  • Why he chose salad for the audition process
  • What the casting process was like
  • The unfortunate egg roll incident
  • The things that he could’ve done differently
  • What the future holds for him
Francis Biondi on MasterChef

Francis Biondi on MasterChef

Items Mentioned:

Everything he learned in entrepreneurship has prepared him for what he’s doing.

Building a brand is hard work but you gotta put the time in.

  • marketing yourself the right way
  • talking to the right people
  • making connections

He practiced a lot of time being a pro-golfer

Golf as his passion.

Francis worked at Rusty Spoon, owned by James Beard-nominated chef Kathleen Blake.

He chose to prepare salad for the audition and they liked it a lot.

Casting went on for months because the show wanted to get to know him better.

What it was like for 2-3 months before he met with the Masterchef judges:

  • Video/phone interviews
  • They want to see what’s in your fridge.
  • They want to know your life, who you live with.

You’d never know if you’re gonna make it past that next step.

When he found out he got a spot on the show:  They chose 30 out 100 contestants.

What it was like for him to watch himself on TV

His advice to those who want to be on Masterchef:

  • Prepare.
  • Learn your basics.
  • Get into every kitchen you can and learn the secrets.

What’s cooking post-Masterchef:

  • the website – lots of recipes and content
  • videos and start a YouTube channel and show stuff in Southeast Asia

His niche:  an Asian-Mediterranean fusion

He wants to highlight cultures and countries he visited and show off how they do it there.

He hopes to be on a golf channel that features both golf and cuisines.

Who he’s interested in: Danny Bowien of Mission Chinese Food

His final thoughts:

“I’m not sleepin’.  I’m still hustlin’. Keep up with me.  Follow me… this isn’t the last you’ve seen of Francis B.  That’s for sure!”

Connect with Francis on:

Twitter @mc5francisb


Lana Easley - Starve the Doubts Podcast Interview

Friday, I’m in Love with Lana Easley


Our guest for this episode is none other than the Friday I’m in Love girl herself… My 3 year old daughter Lana Easley.

Lana and I talk about some of her favorite songs to sing with daddy. You can check out this cool video of Lana and I singing ABCD’s and the Hokey Pokey last year.

Lana is proud of her daddy for writing his first book!

Podcasting Good to Great: How to Grow Your Audience Through Collaboration by Jared Easley

Podcasting Good to Great: How to Grow Your Audience Through Collaboration by Jared Easley


Gene Hammett & Kimanzi Constable - Work Hard Play Hard Mashup

Work Hard Play Hard Mashup Ep: 1 with Kimanzi Constable & Gene Hammett (@kimanzic & @genehammett)


Welcome to the Work Hard Play Hard Mashup Ep 1

Kimanzi Constable & Gene Hammett team up with Jared Easley to discuss the upcoming Work hard Play Hard Summit event in Maui, Hawaii in December, 2014!

Episode 2 will be featured on Kimanzi Constable’s blog & Episode 3 will be available on Gene Hammett’s podcast found over at

Work Hard Play Hard Summit with Kimanzi Constable & Gene Hammett

Work Hard Play Hard Summit with Kimanzi Constable & Gene Hammett

In this episode:

  • Gene Hammett shares how he was able to become a guest on Entrepreneur on Fire
  • Why Work Hard Play Hard Summit?
  • What is Work Hard Play Hard Summit?
  • Where is the Work Hard Play Hard Summit?








Who is Gene Hammet? - Gene helps entrepreneurs discover new strategies to success. He educates, empowers and inspires them to lead beyond what they believe is possible. Gene is also host to the “Leaders in the Trenches” podcast. As a business coach, Gene digs into the real issues keeping you from success and freedom.

Gene Hammett

Who is Kimanzi Constable? - Kimanzi’s mission is to help you figure out what your dream is and how to make your dream your reality. Kimanzi was an everyday working man that got fed up with just existing and decided he would start living. Kimanzi shares his journey in his book “Are you Living or Existing?” As a business coach, Kimanzi helps you get clear about your next steps.

Kimanzi Constable

Meron Bareket - Starve the Doubts Podcast Interview

Inspiring Innovation with Meron Bareket (@meronbareket & @ralphquintero)


Meron Bareket


Starve the Doubts host, Jared Easley, is joined by Ralph Quintero from as they interview Meron Bareket.


Meron Bareket is the host of Inspiring Innovation Podcast and the creator of the Inspiring Innovation podcasting boot camp, which is presently generating great reviews.


Meron is also the owner of the Inspiring Innovation Magazine, a digital magazine

platform for iPad, wherein he features the world’s leading entrepreneurs, as they share

their success stories and tips, as well as their setbacks, pitfalls, adversities, and lessons

they’ve learned along their journey to success.

In this episode, you will learn about:


What powers up Meron’s morning:  Bulletproof coffee


Platforms a podcaster must focus on.


His keys to success


Knowing your audience


What inspired him to start the podcasting bootcamp


First few things to figure out when you’re thinking of starting your own podcast


His greatest challenge in the podcasting process


The habits every entrepreneur should have


How he keeps from giving up in the face of adversity


His present challenges


What he wants to be remembered for


Inspiring Innovation with Meron Bareket

Inspiring Innovation with Meron Bareket

Items Mentioned:


You don’t need “fancy pants” gears to get started with a podcast.


Focus on various podcast platforms.  iTunes is just 8 out of 20 people.  What about the 12?


His keys to success:

  • Work on getting your small army – family and friends
  • Get them to get those ratings and downloads to be able to raise rankings and people find you.
  • Build your army with them.
  • Open up a real conversation.
  • Be a real human being.
  • He created a show that wasn’t yet out there.


HIs podcast has a precise goal.  Not just a rambling interview.


Understand who you’re talking to understand how you can help them.  Otherwise, you only create a generic product.


There are enough generic products out there.   You have to stand out!


He has huge passions for teaching, entrepreneurship, and technology.  He knew podcasting bootcamp was the next best step.


The podcasting bootcamp started with seeing:

  • Who is my avatar?
  • What do they need?
  • Why is it not answered better?


As a podcaster, you need to figure out:

  • who you’re gonna talk to
  • what type of podcast you should or can create
  • then you can dive into the technological part


“A great show comes from resonating with your audience.”


Just before you turn on that mic and start speaking:

  • remember who you’re talking to
  • talk WITH them and not AT them


Habits every entrepreneur should have:

  • the habit of shipping
  • the habit of doing what scares you
  • the habit of focus


Focus has revolutionized his life.


What keeps him from giving up:

  • surrounding yourself with like-minded people
  • affirmations


His present challenges:  Segueing into a paid model that helps fund the effort of putting it out there

  • How to start profiting
  • How to market beyond the new & noteworthy
  • How to build a brand


He hopes to be remembered as someone who helped people bring more freedom into their lives.

Podcast Incubator with Meron Bareket

Podcast Incubator with Meron Bareket

His final thoughts:

“Be happy for those doubts… use that as a signal telling you that you’re in the right way, instead

of a signal telling you’re in the wrong one.”

Connect with Meron at:

Claim your lifetime access to videos he extracted from the bootcamp:

Joel Comm - Starve the Doubts Podcast Interview

A Fun Conversation with Joel Comm (@joelcomm & @john_dennis)


Joel Comm is an entrepreneur, bestselling author, public speaker, social media evangelist, and mobile marketing innovator as well as a leading authority on new media marketing tactics. With over eighteen years of Internet business experience, Joel has found success in multiple niches. Corporations, small-to-medium sized businesses and entrepreneurs trust him for sound, practical advice and creative thinking.

John Dennis from Smart Time Online joined me for this episode as co-host!

In this episode:

  • Klout
  • Joel announces his next book (it has something to do with Twitter)
  • Taking a Break
  • Great advice for Starting up again!

Joel Comm Podcast

Twitter Power

Twitter Power

More notes coming soon!

Brad Feld - Starve the Doubts Podcast Interview

Work Life Harmony with Brad Feld (@bfeld)



Brad Feld is a work life harmony entrepreneur, blogger, speaker, author, and the man behind  He is the co-founder and managing director at the Foundry Group, a venture capital firm that focuses its investments in early-stage information technology, software, and Internet startup companies across North America.   Brad has been an early-stage investor and entrepreneur for 20 years and he has been active in a number of nonprofit organizations.

In this episode:

Do More Faster by David Cohen and Brad Feld

Do More Faster by David Cohen and Brad Feld

Venture Deals by Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson

Venture Deals by Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson

Startup Life by Brad Feld and Amy Batchelor

Startup Life by Brad Feld and Amy Batchelor

  • Brad gives outstanding relationship advice
  • Emmett Culligan Sculpture
  • Brad & Amy’s monthly dinners (take notes here)
  • How Brad overcomes Self Doubt
  • The Demon Parable – Jerry Colonna
  • Advice on Digital Addiction – Systematically carve out time away from the stimuli.
  • Digital Sabbath
  • Advice: Do something for yourself by yourself every day for 1 hour.
  • Create Blocks of Uninterrupted Time to Work on Projects
  • Brad is deeply intrigued by the integration between humans & machines.
  • FitBit
  • FG Press – High Quality Modern Publishing
  • The Role of Fun – incorporating happiness & joy as much as possible

Emily Chase Smith - Starve the Doubts Podcast Interview

The Financially Savvy Entrepreneur with Emily Chase Smith (@emilychasesmith)


Emily Chase Smith


Jared Easley interviews entrepreneur, Emily Chase Smith, and the author of The Financially Savvy Entrepreneur:  Navigate the Money Maze of Running a Business.  She is also the host of The Money Morsels Podcast.  She will be speaking at The Podcast Movement in August 2014 in Dallas, Texas.  A bankruptcy lawyer by profession, Emily seeks to help entrepreneurs avoid the painful path of bankruptcy by helping them become financially savvy and thus be able to make and keep more money.  In this episode, Emily also shows off her ukelele and singing skills making this a light, fun show, and ultimately making this one of Jared’s favorite episodes.


In this episode, you will learn about:

  • The impact business and entrepreneurship in her family had on her
  • Her transition from early lawyering to becoming the bankruptcy lawyer expert
  • Her Aha! moment defending the mobile home park manager
  • What makes a good law.
  • The value of putting a system in place in your finances.
  • The painful process of bankruptcy.
  • The best $25-$35 she ever spent when she she purchased Michael Hyatt’s eBook.
  • How she managed to finish her book.
  • Traditionally published book vs. self-published book.
  • The value of attending conferences and her advice to conference attendees.


The Financially Savvy Entrepreneur by Emily Chase Smith

The Financially Savvy Entrepreneur by Emily Chase Smith

Items mentioned:

  • Emily grew up knowing her grandparents were very self-made and her dad being a successful architect.
  • Emily started law school at 19, but eventually realized that it wasn’t a good fit for her.  She eventually found her niche in bankruptcy law.
  • She works with almost exclusively small business owners.
  • A good law is understandable and can be applied.
  • Entrepreneurs need to understand the law  It is something you need to dive into.
  • Keep your finger on the financial pulse of your business.
  • You need to have systems in place so you can look at your business financially.
  • What compelled Emily her into writing her book, The Financially Savvy Entrepreneur
  • She bought Michael Hyatt’s eBook to help guide her in writing her book.
  • She also got the book from Amazon, the 2013 Book of Literary Agents, all organized by subject matters at the back and set her query out from one agent after another.
  • Writing the book was harder than the whole process of getting an agent and getting it sold.
  • She decided to go for a traditionally published book primarily because of the media attention and it opened up a door of opportunities for her.
  • She never misses attending the New Media Expo.  This year she got to meet Dan Miller who ended up writing an endorsement for her book.
  • Conferences can give you access to people you never would’ve thought you’d have access to.
  • Emily encourages people to read books related to their niche.
  • Other celebrities who endorsed her book:
    • John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing
    • Jared Easley (and this was his Aha! moment)


Douglas Neill - Starve the Doubts Podcast Interview

Verbal to Visual with Doug Neill (@douglaspneill & @jodymaberry)



In this episode, Starve the Doubts host Jared Easley together with co-host Jody Maberry from and the Park Leaders Podcast interviewed Doug Neil.

Doug is an artist who helps people and organizations turn ideas into art through sketch notes and illustrations. He is passionate about ideas and believes ideas can bring positive change to individuals and communities. Doug created websites, books and a podcast centered on a concept of turning ideas into art.

This episode is about:


Should you check your email first thing in the morning or save it for later?

Scheduling exercise and sleep

Progress over perfection

Doug shared his experience and takeaways from Pioneer Nation

How Doug turned his passion for art into a sustainable business

Doug explains why 2014 is his year of conquering resistance

Declaring a theme for the year

Doug defines Sketch Noting

Doug talked about the book Sketch Note Skill Builder –a book of activities to help you develop your skills

The Verbal to Visual Podcast

  • Translating ideas from verbal/audio to visual
  • Interviewing people from the audio and visual spectrum

Ways to use sketch noting and illustration in your daily activities


Doug’s message for the listeners:

“Start by picking up a pen or a note book and start scribbling. Don’t worry about the artistic quality… Just start scribbling out and get used to making marks on the page.”    

Connect with Doug Neill at:,,

Sketchnoting with Doug Neill

Sketchnoting with Doug Neill


Items Mentioned:

  • Pioneer Nation
  • (The War of Art) by Steven Pressfield
  • Sketch Note Handbook by Mike (Grody)
  • Doodle Revolution by Sunny Brown


Things to Remember:

  • Post things that you want to hear
  • Throw sketches on your walls  to keep you reminded of your ideas
  • Seek progress not perfection

The Graphic Recorder

Verbal to Visual 

verbal to visual podcast with doug neill

verbal to visual podcast with doug neill

Doug is on Twitter