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Rachel Cruze - Starve the Doubts Podcast Interview

099 – Rachel Cruze – Smart Money Smart Kids (@RachelCruze & @CashCarConvert)


Rachel Cruze

In this episode, Jared Easley together with co-host James Kinson of hosted an interview with the smart money expert Rachel Cruze! Rachel is the co-author of the new book Smart Money, Smart Kids.

Rachel travels to countries speaking to people and encouraging them to be in a winning position with money. As a woman who grew up learning from her parents the right money management, Rachel is also passionate in helping parents raise money-smart kids who’ll create a great impact in the coming generations.

In this episode you’ll learn:

Kids catch your actions more than what you’re telling them

Give your kids commission instead of allowance

Who takes the bigger responsibilities for student loans?

Investing in a college degree

College working students, is it a yes or a no?

Give first, Spend, then go Save!

             “Giving is the antidote to selfishness, discontentment and self-entitlement”

Know if Rachel still struggles staying in budget today

How Rachel made money to get her first $16,000 car

Teaching your kids to save money

             “Enjoy having your kids save for something.”

How Rachel’s parents raised her to have good work ethics

Rachel’s advice for parents who want their child to grow with ethical manners

             “Teach them to work diligently on the things they need do as young as they are.”

Rachel’s three bounced checks when she was 15 years old

Shopping with two girls from Mercy Ministries as an opportunity to give

The impact of handling money at an earlier age in the future

                 “It’s a great gift from parents to teach their kids how to handle money”

Raising a generation who understands work ethics

“Help them avoid money mistakes. Show them how to avoid money mistakes –and they will be forever grateful.”

Rachel’s recommendation on how parents can raise money-smart kids

-          Be intentional in every teachable moment. Don’t be afraid

-          Be intentional guarding your actions. Your kids watch you.

James Kinson with Rachel Cruze

James Kinson with Rachel Cruze

Items mentioned:

Mercy Ministries

Smart Money, Smart Kids

Video: Smart Money Smart Kids – Book Trailer

Jonathan Milligan - Starve the Doubts Podcast Interview

098 – Jonathan Milligan – Teach Your Passion (@jonmilligan)


Jonathan Milligan

Today we are glad to welcome Jonathan Milligan in the show!  Jonathan is the blogger of He also does more blogging at, Kindle Your Passion and Teach Your Passion.

Jonathan’s greatest passion is sharing people his knowledge, experiences and entrepreneurial principles he learned in his journey towards the career he loves. Jonathan is also passionate in helping people determine what they want and guide them to get there.

 In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Jonathan’s background and vocation before he found the sweet spot of his career
  • What lead Jonathan to start blogging
  • How Jonathan was able to monetize his blogs
  • Jonathan’s passion to teach others a career in blogging
  • Jonathan talked about the birth of
  • How can help you
  • Spend time knowing what your audience wants
  • How to start an online course
  • Working and sharing great ideas with an exclusive group of people
  • Building a paid membership site
  • How to make your members keep their membership
  • The right mentality in putting up a course

A course must create a promise. What is the promise that you want to deliver your audience? In anything you’ll do, point back to that promise.

  • The challenge in putting up a course

Talking too much about things that may or may not matter will only frustrate you and your audience

  • Be clear with your promise and think through the steps to get there!
  • How to grow a good personal network
  • Learning how to deal with technology
  • How to receive payments from an online course
  • Jonathan talked about and his new courses in
  • Jonathan talked how can help an individual grow as a leader
  • What Jonathan would say to a person who says:

“I like self discipline” –Priorities are done early in the morning

“I want to build a lifestyle business”

–        You have to be willing to change your mind set. Figure out who will be your boss. You need to have both the worker hat and the boss hat

“I want to discover my passion”

–        Discovering your passion is discovering your unique gift.

“I want to live with greater focus”

–        Decide on what’s important! Write your goals.

  • Jonathan shares his L.I.F.E goals

-Location independent


-Financial Freedom


Items mentioned:

Connect with Jonathan Milligan in his Twitter account: @jonmilligan

Teach Your Passion with Jonathan Milligan

Teach Your Passion with Jonathan Milligan

Boost Leadership Summit

Boost Leadership Summit

Jeff Brown - Starve the Doubts Podcast Interview

097 – Jeff Brown – Podcaster Academy (@THEjeffbrown & @medicalschoolhq)


Jeff Brown

In this Starve the Doubts episode, Jared Easley co-hosts the show with Dr. Ryan Gray of the Medical School HQ podcast, as they interview THE Jeff Brown, an award-winning broadcaster and the genius behind the Read to Lead Podcast, a highly regarded show that quickly rose to become the Top 3 Career and Top 10 Business podcast in 2013.  His show is basically founded on the belief that “intentional and consistent reading is key to success in business and in life,” providing listeners with thoughts and insights about leadership, personal development, business, and marketing.

With his 26 years of experience in the radio industry, Jeff Brown brought his expertise into the Podcaster Academy, an online course he founded in December 2013, aimed at providing podcasters with the necessary communication artillery in order to help them deliver better and more improved shows by connecting more intimately to their listeners.

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • How Jeff transitioned from radio to podcasting.
  • How he got the courage to dive in.
  • The value of learning constantly.
  • The value of reading.
  • Putting other people first before you.
  • His goal to improve podcasters’ communication skills through the Podcast Academy.
Jeff Brown - Podcast Movement

Jeff Brown – Podcast Movement

Items mentioned:

  • On security vs. Freedom:

○        Security meant steady paycheck, vacation days

○        Freedom  there is no safety net but Jeff was ready for a new challenge

  • Once you’ve tasted freedom on the entrepreneurial sense, there’s no going back to “security.”
  • On radio vs. podcasting:

○        Radio means living up to someone else’s expectations; a lot of pressure to perform, ratings and pleasing the producers.

○        In podcasting, you’re the boss of everything, You create what you want to create and how you want to create it; you have listeners to please but there are no gatekeepers.

  • In 2010, he started a side business in the margins of life doing websites and mobile apps for small businesses but it’s not what he wanted to do long-term. He was thinking of starting a podcast.
  • Jeff’s timeline prior to Jeff’s independence day:

○        Around March-April 2013, Jeff has already been contemplating on leaving his job.

○        He planned to leave his job on December 31 of that year.

○        But on June 17, 2013, his company decided he was not needed anymore and so he was let go. Then he knew it was time. He decided to go full steam ahead and haven’t looked back since.

  • It took a while for him to get the courage and he was not even sure if he would’ve had the courage if he had not been let go.
  • What helped him find the courage: by entertaining those thoughts about podcasting and by reading folks like Seth Godin and Chris Brogan; and recently, Pat Flynn, John Lee Dumas, Cliff Ravenscraft, and Jared Easley.
  • For 5 years, he was surrounding himself with people like them via books and podcasts and mastermind groups. Without these people feeding into him, there wouldn’t be any courage in him at all.
  • You should always be learning.  If you develop those kinds of habits, you will find out very quickly that most of the people around you aren’t doing these things. And you will realize that you’re ahead of many of your peers without even initially realizing it.
  • In 2008, when he dived into the likes of Chris Brogan and Seth Godin and into blogging and reading about social media, by default, he began the go-to guy in his company so he was invited to speak at different functions within the company.
  • Over time, people start seeing that; people tap into it and start recognizing you. Before you know it, you’re doing these things that you love to do; people are actually calling upon you for help because you’ve taken upon yourself to dive in headfirst.
  • Read all you can and learn from other people as much as you can and attend conference and seminars.
  • Even if you’re not gonna leave your job, doing those things are important because you set yourself apart.  You become somebody that others appreciate, admire, and depend on; and if you do lose your job, you are far more prepared.
  • Reading was the last thing he wanted to do back as a young person.  It was a chore for him. In the last 25-26 years, all he did was write and came to love it; he came to love reading in his early 30s.
  • Reading opened his eyes to the level of knowledge contained in a $1500 book.
  • Then it led to his constant reading of blogs, which just blew him away in the late 2000s by how much knowledge that was shared for free by people who are infinitely smarter than he was.
  • Finding out what people need and giving it to them.
  • Figuring out not so much about what your passion is, but what they need and tapping into what skills you might have that can fill that need.
  • He messed up misquoting; crediting another person for Chris Brogan’s quote.
  • There’s nothing wrong with poking fun at yourself and that endears you to people.
  • The commonalities in the mindset of authors: the combination of helping people and relationships.
  • The Podcaster Academy – he went back to his radio roots and teaching others some of the expertise that he learned for so long.
  • How Jeff came up with the idea of Podcaster Academy.
  • Jeff hopes to ultimately help podcasters stand out and rise to the top and be the cream of the crop.
  • Jeff encourages people to launch the podcast first; and if you want to improve, then sign up for Podcaster Academy.
  • On starting out a podcast: Get out there and do it! And don’t let fear stop you! You have to start somewhere.
  • When you launch, there is hardly anybody listening and that is the best time to make mistakes.
  • There’s not really a trick to sitting behind a microphone, but what you have to remember is that it is a conversation. Treat the mic like a human being and not as an inanimate object.
  • Surround yourself with people who will encourage you.  Be part of a mastermind group or start one.  They will be able to answer questions for you and you get to help out each other.
Podcaster Academy

Podcaster Academy

  • Jeff is bringing the podcaster academy back in June!

Video: Jeff Brown’s interview with Ben Carpenter on the Read to Lead Podcast

Jeff Brown and Jon Acuff

Jeff Brown and Jon Acuff

Joseph Michael - Scrivener Coach

096 – Joseph Michael – The Worlds Greatest Scrivener Coach (@ScrivenerCoach & @ryanrhoten)


Joseph Michael

In this Stave the Doubts episode, Jared Easley together with Ryan Rhoten, interviews Joseph Michael of Joseph is an author, blogger, video producer, and course creator. He is also the guy behind Joseph has been featured on Entrepreneurs on Fire, Lifehacker, The Oh So Pinteresting, The Social Strategy Podcast, and The Creative Penn among others. Joseph’s greatest joys are spending time with his family and inspiring people to be better in their careers.

In this episode, you will learn about:

Items mentioned:

  • How to focus when writing a blog
  • Key on improving your work is to constantly learn
  • Start small and take that first step
  • Joseph’s big switch to Scrivener
  • Scrivener is Microsoft Word in steroids
  • Creating a course for Scrivener
  • Creating videos for a course
  • Keeping a video run for 2-3 minutes
  • Finding time for doing lots of things
  • Figuring out what the market wants
  • Get feedback before you create it, see if there is a demand for it
  • Joseph’s doubts and how he did to overcome them
  • Pricing the product
  • Crucial needs of every brands’ visual plan
  • When you are designing a website, you have to think of functionality more, rather than design
  • Stop spending a lot of time on your logo
Joseph Michael & Family

Joseph Michael & Family

Video: Teach Your Child to Tie Shoes in 5 Minutes


“Scrivener is Microsoft Word on steroids!” ~ Joseph Michael


“Usually, the time that you are closest to breakthrough is right before you quit.” ~ Joseph Michael


“Nothing is too big if it’s broken down to small pieces.” ~ Joseph Michael


“There’s no greater time I think in the history of business to get started online. Start hustling, start meeting people to make connections, and start creating stuff.” ~ Joseph Michael

Jenny Blake - Starve the Doubts Podcast Interview

095 – Jenny Blake – Courage Cookies (@jenny_blake & @meganjphoto)


Jenny Blake

In this Starve the Doubts episode, Jared Easley co-hosts the show with Megan Pangan of‎, as they interview the inspiring Jenny Blake, author of the bestselling book, Life After College: The Complete Guide to Getting What You Want.  Her career started out when she created the blog Life After College back in 2005.  She then worked at Google for 5 years, serving as a Career Development Program Manager and internal coach.

Jenny has such a fiery passion for exploring systems at the intersection of the mind, body, and business, that she not only became a full-time solopreneur, but she has also completed teacher training courses for Yoga and Thai massage.

Undoubtedly, Jenny Blake is an emerging leader you definitely should look out for among the flock of female online entrepreneurs of our world today, as she continues on her goal to help bring focus on people’s lives, sharing an ocean of soulful tips in achieving efficiency, happiness, and fulfillment in your career and personal life.

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • How to become the CEO of your life and career
  • How fear is inevitable but it shouldn’t get in the way for you to take action
  • How to wake up and live big by taking tiny, baby steps
  • Building the confidence muscle
  • Keeping health as your priority everyday and the value of rest
  • How to actually find your passion
  • Building first, before you get the “courage cookie”

Items mentioned:

  • You need to be the CEO of your own career.
  • You need to be proactive about building marketable skills.
  • Best advice for female entrepreneurs: Do things your own way.  Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing, and just trust your gut.
  • Women have a very strong intuition and gut instinct.  Go with it even if it’s counter to other advice you see out there on the Internet.
  • Jenny’s favorite organization tool is Evernote. It helps her organize business ideas, book ideas, writing projects, etc.
  • The Power Trio that Jenny uses everyday: Dropbox, Google Docs, Evernote
  • Opposite to what most people perceive her to be, she actually considers herself as a very introverted person and she cherishes being alone.
  • Her best “alone spot” is waking up and reading a book in the morning with a cup of tea or taking long walks on the streets of New York.
  • Fear – we all have it; but the discomfort of not taking action will start to outweigh it.
  • When people have a whisper in their gut that it’s time for change or that they’ve hit a ceiling, then it can be uncomfortable and very disconcerting and fear-inducing; but the way to wake up and live big is to start taking very tiny baby steps.
  • Her personal motto: To do one small brave thing each day.
  • You don’t need to move mountains. Action is the antidote to despair.
  • You’re not going to gain confidence just by sitting around thinking about it.  It just happens from taking action day after day.
  • A concrete example of a small baby step: Set up a 20-30 min. phone call or coffee date with someone who’s doing what you want to do.
  • Sometimes people fear rejection and it is a brave step to reach out to someone you don’t know very well or you don’t know at all and say, “I love what you’re doing. I would love to get your advice.  Do you have 20 mins. to spare?”
  • That will start to build up the confidence muscle, you get good tips, and grow your network in the process.
  • On transitioning from your existing role to something new: Get your body right!
  • Don’t even bother troubleshooting a bad mood if you haven’t slept enough, you’re not eating well, or you’re hungover.
  • Last year was a year of reinvention for her and it was not comfortable for a single day.  What kept her sane was doubling down on her wellness practices – Yoga, meditation every morning, eating well, cutting out alcohol.
  • Setting a strong physical foundation can help generate creativity, ideas, and resilience when things get kinda crazy.
  • Advice to entrepreneurs who struggle to keep their health as a priority: Pick one or two non-negotiable things that completely replenish your energy stores. Schedule them in and make them non-negotiable.
  • Optimize for your best energy windows.  When are you the most creative? What is the most important thing on your plate that would move the business forward the farthest that you can slot into those times?
  • Jenny has been asked to contribute a post on the Fit Bits Spring Clean series and she talked about Clutter Cleanse as a way to achieve mental fitness.
  • She is building a meditation app called Lucent, with two business partners.  The idea is to change your lives in just 5 mins.a day by clearing clutter and feeling more focused.  They will launch a pilot late April or May; you can sign up to be a part of the very early test crew.  Simply go to
  • Take more rest than you think you need and don’t beat yourself up when you need it.
  • Don’t see rest as a detractor from your business but as an additive factor. Take a rest when your body is screaming; it’s not trying to sabotage you, you’re not lazy, and rest is the best thing you can do.
  • Finding your passion through exploration.
  • Instead of searching for your passion, start building skills and you’ll eventually become so good they can’t ignore you.
  • Be a scientist in your own life. Run a little experiment.  What can you do in one hour a week that is going to test a skill area? See if this thing is giving you energy and if it is, ramp it up to two hours and then three.
  • On launching a new product or service: It’s always terrifying and easy to put pressure on that but have an open mind.
  • If something doesn’t sell, then you’ve learned some valuable lessons.  Then you may need to adjust the marketing, sales copy, or the product itself.
  • Take any launch as successful or not as data.  It’s not personal if it doesn’t sell well; but data about your business strategy.  It might be informing you about some blind spots that you need to work on in terms of skill building.
  • On how to be more courageous: Build first, courage second.
  • The universe doesn’t give you a “courage cookie” until you do something.
  • Drop the expectation that you’re supposed to have some level of courage or lack of fear before you can do what it is that you want to do.
  • On life after college: Have a great time! Build skills and you never know when those skills will come handy.
  • On relationships: Keep trusting your gut.  Fear of leaving the relationship could be so intense but you’re not alone. Know that you will find the strength.  Know that you are so much more resilient than you give ourselves credit for and surround yourself with people who love and support you.
Jenny Blake

Jenny Blake

Lucent Meditation App

Lucent Meditation App

  • “Rock on! You’re a rockstar! You don’t need anything else. You don’t even need to listen to any other expert. None of us have it all figured out.” ~ Jenny Blake
  • “It is okay to be afraid! None of us is perfect. None of us is on a pedestal. Everyday is like a roller coaster and it’s just the fun and terrifying excitement of it all. So keep going!” ~ Jenny Blake

Video: The Career in the Age of the App: Jenny Blake at TEDxCMU 

Kate Erickson - Starve the Doubts Podcast Interview

094 – Kate Erickson – Fire Nation (@katelerickson & @bluegeno)


Kate Erickson

In this Starve the Doubts episode, Jared Easley, along with fellow podcaster Chris Cerrone, interviews Kate Erickson, the woman behind the big success of Entrepreneur on Fire podcast, where Kate serves as the Content Creator and Community Manager.

Using her expertise in branding and marketing, Kate has helped business partner and boyfriend, John Lee Dumas, in growing the business.  She takes charge of creating insightful blogs on the site as well as leading the Podcasters’ Paradise, a growing mastermind community with the aim to provide podcasters and podcasters-in-the-making with the necessary tools, resources, and all the support they need in creating and growing their business.

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • The power of building your brand and tips in starting your own product
  • The power of asking for help
  • The power of building a community
  • The power of networking
  • Giving the best product and value with your customers in mind
Kate & John

Kate & John

Items mentioned:

  • Don’t give up.  Don’t get frustrated.
  • Don’t let fear and doubt and all these false feelings get in your way.  Kate gets scared all the time but this doesn’t stop her.
  • The Fire Path series: where Kate will take you on a wild journey with the best business tips and a weekly email series you’ve ever signed up for.
  • Branding is more than just a logo.  A lot of brand recognition does come from your logo BUT that recognition is never gonna come unless they know you as more than just a logo.
  • Customers have to resonate with your message, they have to connect with you, and they have to find value in what you’re providing.
  • Branding is what defines what customers think and feel when they:
  • ○        see your name
  • ○        hear your name
  • ○        visit your website
  • ○        see your logo
  • Branding comes from the feeling that they get from what you give them and not just what they see from your logo.
  • Branding is built through – content, communication, and building relationships with your audience.
  • How Podcasters’ Paradise came about – it initially started as a product called Six Figure Podcasting, which was only a shipped product, until they realized the power of a community where they can talk with other podcasters and learn and get support from.
  • Podcasters’ Paradise is a combination of the six figure podcasting product and the success they saw from the Elite Mastermind List.
  • At first, they had the vision and the idea but did not have the membership site built and campaigns in place.
  • They had 100 people in the community before they even launched.
  • John reached out to a ton of mentors and looked for input from others.  They asked for help.  They reached out.  They got good advice from great people.
  • They were selling lifetime memberships from $197 to $1,197
  • Kate got scared of how fast everything went.  It only took two months between emailing the list and the launch.
  • They had the ideas for the foundation but they still reached out and asked for others’ input and asked what would be the things they’d like to see.
  • They got very active in the Fire Nation Elite asking masterminds and members’ advice and they gave great input as well.
  • How Kate’s previous work at the trucking company helped her a lot in finding out different ways to market and advertise.
  • She realized how important it is to think out of the box.
  • The power of networking to help them grow the business: Kate was always behind the scenes but coming into EOF, she got to be on the forefront, meeting people and networking. She got scared at first but loved it eventually.
  • Getting out there and meeting people show the audience that truth for them is not just what they talk about.  They are REAL. They want to be a part of it.  They want ot be in the process.
  • Balancing work and personal life is tough but they are getting a lot better with that.
  • Take a step back.  Make sure you’re creating something for your audience and not just for you to make an “x” amount of money.
  • Building a product is really about providing something to your audience that is going to help them. Goals are important but focus on the fact that your product should be for your audience and not for yourself.
  • Make sure you provide the best value for consumer and money will follow.
  • Make the audience a part of your business too.
  • How you can bring your clients in so they can be a part of your company.
  • Check out the blog – that’s where she creates magic!

Jairek Robbins - Starve the Doubts Podcast Interview

093 – Jairek Robbins – Learn It, Live It, Give It (@JairekRobbins & @TomMartinMedia1)


Jairek Robbins

In this Starve the Doubts episode, Jared Easley is joined by Tom Martin of Tom Martin Media to interview Jairek Robbins. Jairek is a performance coach, public speaker, trainer, and lifestyle entrepreneur. He was awarded the Congressional Award Gold Medal from the United State Congress at the age of 23. When he turned 25, he wowed the world by developing a revolutionary approach to accelerating businesses in different industries. Jairek’s mission is to “assist people in rapidly achieving their goals so they are able to live the life of their dreams.”

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • How travel and living an adventure can change your life
  • How a speaker prepares for an out of town conference
  • Handling and caring for mean people on your site

Items mentioned:

  • Jairek as a traveller
  • Whenever you are going for something, you will have opponents
  • Your greatest opponent is you
  • If you’re a speaker traveling the world, research about the place and the event you are going to
  • Do your research, do your homework so you can connect
  • Jairek grew up dreaming to have the bling, car, and all that expensive stuff
  • His eyes were opened when he visited Uganda and went home depressed
  • He realized how much waste people make
  • Talk to people, care about them
  • Care about not only the people who are nice to you but also those who are blasting comments at you
  • Jairek was inspired by his Dad, how he touched million of lives around the world
  • Jairek’s upcoming book Live It
Jairek Robbins quote

Jairek Robbins quote

Video: A Simple Formula to Inspire the World to Live Their Dreams Tedx Talks

Ryan Avery - Starve the Doubts Podcast Interview

092 – Ryan Avery – Speaker Leader Champion (@averytoday & @thenewwifestyle)


Ryan Avery

In this Starve the Doubts episode, Jared Easley & Co-host Chelsea Avery from The New Wifestyle interview Ryan Avery.  Ryan is a World Champion of Public Speaking. He is the co-author of the new book Speaker, Leader, Champion: Succeed at Work Through the Power of Public Speaking. Ryan is also pursuing a World Record as a part of the new book launch!

Ryan Avery on Entrepreneur Showdown

Ryan Avery on Entrepreneur Showdown

In this episode, you will learn about:

Items mentioned:

Ryan and Chelsea holding the new book

Ryan and Chelsea holding the new book

Video: the World Record with Ryan Avery