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 HUGE WIN!! Starve the Doubts was featured on Entrepreneur.com & Huffington Post as the #1 emerging entrepreneurial podcast!  check out the link here! 

Jared Easley - featured on Entrepreneur.com

Jared Easley – featured on Entrepreneur.com

Click here for the Huffington Post Article

Are you interested in learning how successful entrepreneurs & high achievers overcome self doubt? If so, welcome!

Starve the Doubts

Starve the Doubts

Starve the Doubts

Starve the Doubts


Jared Easley’s Great Secret for Success

by Sam Lytle

Those who know me well know that I am a connoisseur of podcasts.

Okay, that’s not really accurate. I am a devourer of podcasts. I listen to shows on business, finance, religion, technology, self-help, history, politics, marketing, news and entertainment.

I’m also a podcast snob. If I listen to an episode or two of a new podcast and don’t feel like listening to another, I won’t. I am constantly pruning my lineup and dropping the shows that I don’t get excited about.

A few months ago I came across ‘Starve the Doubts’ by Jared Easley. In this interview based podcast, Jared asks successful people how they overcame opposition to ultimately succeed.

Now, I’ve listened to a lot of interview based podcasts. It is a popular genre because- let’s be honest here- the fastest way to build an audience is by tapping into audiences that are larger than your own. It is a smart way to quickly get attention in this information inundated world.

But if you have listened to Starve the Doubts you have noticed that it is different. The show isn’t focused on Jared or even on the listener. The show, instead, is focused on the person on the other end of the Skype call. It is a half hour of questions engineered to delight the successful entrepreneur that has so graciously given his or her time for the podcast.

After listening to enough Starve the Doubts episodes you start to understand Jared’s method. His show prep isn’t asking his audience what questions they want to ask Guy Kawasaki or Pat Flynn. Instead, that time is spent researching the things that matter to the one that will be interviewed. You can hear the interviewee light up in delight on the other end when he asks if they prefer Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts coffee because that is their two favorite kinds. He finds obscure blog and social media posts, podcasts and other information these individuals have written or been a part of to engineer specially crafted questions based on their interests and passions.

It is not uncommon for those being interviewed to jokingly reply “Have you been stalking me?”

Jared figured out a long time ago that most of these people get interviewed all of the time. He realized that most interviews would be very similar and that he wanted his interviews to be different, at least to the one he was asking the questions to. He understands that people don’t care how smart you are or how many people listen to your podcast. All they care about is how great you make them feel.

The result is actually a very helpful podcast, even if it isn’t a direct path to that point. Stories are related and secrets to success are shared. Individuals that have achieved incredible success are revealed to an audience that needs more individuals that have achieved success to look up to.

And we will save his methods of getting these high profile interviews for another day.

Jared’s process is important to learn from. So often we try to make ourselves look big and important or, worse yet, assume that people care about us. If we will just instead look for ways to make those around us feel great, the path to success will be quicker and easier. If you have the opportunity to reward someone that has done something great for you (such as given you an hour of their day for an interview), the best reward is usually to do your best at making them feel awesome. This is especially true for those who have more money than they need.

My dad taught me this principle a few years ago and I will never forget it. We were at an awards banquet in the final year of my engineering undergraduate. Wealthy donors had given millions to the school and the school went above and beyond to pay them back by naming the award after the donors. (You can see my senior design project here)

But they didn’t stop there. The entire awards banquet was about the donors. They gave them praise and recognition and applause. And for some reason the donors continued to donate, year after year.

My dad was a school principal for many years and had similar opportunities. He leaned over to me and said something to the effect of “If someone ever gives you something great, do everything you can to make that moment all about them.”

It is true whether it is about a celebrity giving you an hour or a janitor cleaning up after you. Make those around you feel great about who they are and what they are doing and you will be half way there.

This is just Jared’s reach up strategy. Perhaps sometime I’ll discuss his reach down strategy which is amazing in its own right.

-Sam (@thesamlytle)

Why I Love Jared Easley’s Starve The Doubts Podcast


Jared Easley

No other resource has blessed my life more in the past year than podcasts, so much so that I plan to launch one. One of my favorites is one you may not know of:Starve the Doubts with Jared Easley. And no, Jared did not ask me to post this or solicit my recommendation. I recommend it because it’s great.

1. Engaging Format.

Jared interviews guests, which makes the listening experience more engaging. He starts most shows with a little game of questions, asking “What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to?” He also plays a game of choices such as Like / Dislike, which often throws his guests for a loop. It’s fun, spontaneous, and very “human.”

2. Great Guests.

Jared’s guest list is undisputedly epic. He’s drawn the best in marketing and entrepreneurship. If you’re new to this world, Starve the Doubts is a great place to start. Seth Godin, Chris Brogan, Guy Kawasaki, Gary Vaynerchuk, Michael Hyatt, and more have all been guests. And if you want to know how he landed such great guests, he put all that info in a free eBook when you sign up for his mailing list. Awesome.

3. Unique, Laser-Focused Topic.

If there’s anything I’ve learned as an aspiring entrepreneur, it’s that I need other people that are on the journey with me, not just the input of those that have arrived. I doubt myself almost everyday. I feel bi-polar; one minute I’ll be ecstatic about something that’s happened, and the next I’ll feel like giving up. The focus of Jared’s podcast is to starve the doubts I face, and his guests consequently give a different spin on his show than they do elsewhere because of this unique topic.

4. Plenty of Content.

I’m not sure I’ve quite figured out the rhyme and rhythm behind Jared’s posting schedule, but it definitely gives me a lot of content to go back to. I joined Jared’s tribe late, but I’m never at a loss for content. If you’re new to Starve the Doubts, these are a few of my favorite episodes:

5. A Reputation Worth Emulating.

I first heard of Jared at Platform Conference, when I heard other speakers mention how helpful he was. I heard things like, “Jared is going places” or “Jared is so helpful!”  This is the kind of person I need to hear from on a regular basis. He is someone who is way, way further down the road than me. But he’s left a dust trail that I can still see miles in the distance, and I want to follow the path he has by building the kind of reputation that he’s built: a generous person, team player, and accessible person.

Do yourself a favor and check out Starve the Doubts…today. You’ll be encouraged and equipped, especially if you’re doing things you feel are outside your comfort zone…which you should be!

Video: Jared spoke at Belmont University in Nashville, TN about Podcasting.

Marketing You Convo

 Here are a few places that Jared is very honored to be mentioned:


  1. Thanks for starting this. I believe in you!

    • admin

      Chris – did you ever know that you are my hero? You’re everything I wish I could be. I can fly higher than an eagle…


  2. Ben

    Awesome video Jared! really nice job with that.

    Thanks for the sneak peak of the one podcast it was awesome! I’m excited for your launch, can’t wait to subscribe. Talk to you soon

    • admin

      Ben – thank you for the constant encouragement. You have really inspired me through our instagram messages. I love what you are doing & I am looking forward to watching you grow your business (not to mention learning from you). Thank you good sir!

  3. Great stuff – can’t wait to see more!

    • admin

      Jon D Harris…. say it 3 times! Remember that name because he is going places quickly! jondharrison.com

  4. Jared, looking forward to following your journey and enjoying the podcast so far. Keep it up!

    • admin

      Dave – you rock my friend. Thank you for the kind words. I am glad to know you & looking forward to the possibility of meeting in person someday. NMX perhaps?

  5. I am impressed by how you hold the camera!
    Seriously though, I am glad to see this coming together.
    Congratulations and looking forward to more.

    • admin

      Steven – I have really enjoyed getting to know you over the last year through the WordPress group in S. Florida (WPMIA!!). You are a great guy, even though you take random / non-flattering photos of me. Keep pushing on. I am always happy to help you & promote South Florida Web!

  6. Jared, love it! Way to take action. Looking forward to more.

    • admin

      Michael! You are a do-er. I am inspired by what you are doing & the connections you have made. I will continue to rise365 because of good people like yourself. Best wishes to you & your family! I am always happy to help you if I can.

  7. Donald

    Great information J-Money! I love the podcast. Thanks for inspiring me to take bold, massive actions. Keep doing your thing bro!

    • admin

      Donald – you have really encouraged me for several months now. I greatly appreciate your example & commitment to excellence. You have a lot to look forward to my friend. I am excited to help you any way that I can along the way. Thanks bro.

  8. Hi, Jared! Great website & podcasts! Gotta love that accent. 😉 I’m sure greatness will follow you wherever you go… “Passion is the genesis of genius,” so keep it up! :)

    • Jared Easley

      Thuy! You are a rockstar! I am so excited to hear that we are going to be neighbors finally. I am looking forward to catching up with you soon.

  9. Jared,

    YOU ROCK! I am in awe and inspired by you. I am enjoying watching your adventure unfold. Stay on your journey. You remind me of Zig Ziglar’s well known and often repeated quote “You can get anything you want if you help enough other people get what they want.”

    • Jared Easley

      thank you Ruth! I have really enjoyed getting to know you through Toastmasters & Facebook! Best wishes to you & your husband!

  10. Wow Jared!

    It was great meeting you in San Diego! I’m going to “Starve my Doubts” of being able to go back there again soon.

    I didn’t know what “Starve the Doubts” meant before. I just thought it was a cliche, but after reading how you were able to go and meet Michael Hyatt in a conference, I was totally blown away with that idea.

    We all have doubts and we either keep feeding it, or starve it. I will start “starving my doubts to death!” :)

    Talk soon and gotta listen to your awesome podcasts!


    • Jared Easley

      Thank you Ryan! San Diego was incredible! TrafficSalad is a great idea Ryan… Be bold brother :) Let’s keep in touch.

  11. Jared – I love the podcast and I love what you’re doing
    man! I think you’ve absolutely hit the nail on the head when it
    comes to following dreams and getting past the self-doubts that
    holds everyone back at times. Starve The Doubts! Awesome! Thanks
    for what you do buddy. Bric

  12. Mr. Jared, I’m glad I got to meet you at Jeff and Andy’s meetup yesterday. I see that you’ve been shaking some bushes. Go get ’em. All the best in your work. Arlen Miller

  13. May

    I nominate Starve the Doubts for People’s Choice Award! Well done Jared!


  14. Glad to have found your podcast Jared! I love it! So inspiring, thanks for keeping my entrepreneur fires burning. Looking forward to listening to them all.

  15. Hi Jared. Excited to learn and grow with you. Thanks for all the value you provide for us.

  16. Hi Jared. Thanks for all the value you provide for us. Excited to learn and grow with you.

  17. Cool about page man! Glad to have watched you over the past year.

    Keep up the good work and I can’t wait to see what’s next for you.

  18. Bill

    Did Jesus seek after being happy when he went to the cross..or was it more about being Holy and true love?


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