096 – Joseph Michael – The Worlds Greatest Scrivener Coach (@ScrivenerCoach & @ryanrhoten)

In this Stave the Doubts episode, Jared Easley together with Ryan Rhoten, interviews Joseph Michael of LearnScrivenerFast.com. Joseph is an author, blogger, video producer, and course creator. He is also the guy behind EfficientLifeSkills.com. Joseph has been featured on Entrepreneurs on Fire, Lifehacker, The Oh So Pinteresting, The Social Strategy Podcast, and The Creative Penn among others. Joseph’s greatest joys are spending time with his family and inspiring people to be better in their careers.

In this episode, you will learn about:

Items mentioned:

  • How to focus when writing a blog
  • Key on improving your work is to constantly learn
  • Start small and take that first step
  • Joseph’s big switch to Scrivener
  • Scrivener is Microsoft Word in steroids
  • Creating a course for Scrivener
  • Creating videos for a course
  • Keeping a video run for 2-3 minutes
  • Finding time for doing lots of things
  • Figuring out what the market wants
  • Get feedback before you create it, see if there is a demand for it
  • Joseph’s doubts and how he did to overcome them
  • Pricing the product
  • Crucial needs of every brands’ visual plan
  • When you are designing a website, you have to think of functionality more, rather than design
  • Stop spending a lot of time on your logo
Joseph Michael & Family

Joseph Michael & Family

Video: Teach Your Child to Tie Shoes in 5 Minutes


“Scrivener is Microsoft Word on steroids!” ~ Joseph Michael


“Usually, the time that you are closest to breakthrough is right before you quit.” ~ Joseph Michael


“Nothing is too big if it’s broken down to small pieces.” ~ Joseph Michael


“There’s no greater time I think in the history of business to get started online. Start hustling, start meeting people to make connections, and start creating stuff.” ~ Joseph Michael

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