079 – Ijeoma Eleazu & Angeline Tan – Inspiring Women (@convomepodcast & @lildrummergie)

Ijeoma Eleazu & Angeline Tan

In this episode, Jared Easley interviews two women of inspiration, Ijeoma Eleazu and Angeline Tan.

Ijeoma Eleazu is the host of the Etsy Conversation Podcasts. She made her way from becoming a devoted podcast listener to inheriting an instant podcast platform and now running her own show. Her podcast is all about Etsy, an e-commerce site for handmade arts and crafts.

Angeline Tan is an athlete, drummer, photographer, a writer at heart and a storyteller.  She also hosts a podcast show, The Triathlete Sherpa Podcast, together with Graham Ross, which talks about the world of triathletes as they share tips and recommendations on Ironman as well as long distance triathlon races around the world.  Angeline will be talking about how she will be living her bold dream of riding a bicycle 4,233 miles across America in 40 days.  Not merely a bike ride, as Angeline also seeks to become the voice of the people as she will be interviewing people she meets along the way and getting their tremendous stories finally told.

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • Going for something that you really love to do.

  • Getting what you want or making something happen through the power of asking.

  • Dreaming and getting the courage to live that dream.

Items mentioned:

  • If you wanna pursue something and if you want to make something happen – Ask. Ask for help. Ask questions. Ask for what you want. You’ll never know unless you try!

  • How Ijeoma got into podcasting.

  • Pick something you’re passionate about or you enjoy more.

  • How an abandoned podcast show was turned over to Ijeoma simply because she reached out and asked for it until she finally got instant access to everything about the podcast she is most devoted to.

  • Podcast listeners are very loyal.

  • Don’t be afraid to dream and Don’t be afraid to just do it.

  • Don’t conform to what people say you can or can’t do.

  • See the dream. See the vision and just walk towards it.

  • Have the ability to be extremely resourceful.

  • Dare to knock on doors and they will be opened to you.

  • There are many other doors you can knock on so just keep on knocking on doors and opening up paths and opportunities for yourself

  • Train hard.

  • Don’t take an opportunity for granted

  • The experience that you get seeing the place behind the wheel being in a car is different than when you’re out in your bike riding.

  • How Paul Bragiel, Sochi winter olympian, inspired Angeline to pursue her dream. If an ordinary man with a big dream can do this and went for it, so can she ride across America.

  • Don’t over analyze things

  • Do what makes you happy and people will see it and will come along for the ride

  • Every single individual has a tremendous story to tell but not everyone has the opportunity to let the stories be told.

  • Ijeoma’s website : www.convome.com

  • Angie’s website: www.angieacrossamerica.com

Etsy Conversations Podcast with Ijeoma Eleazu

Etsy Conversations Podcast with Ijeoma Eleazu

The Triathlon Sherpa Podcast with Angeline Tan & Graham Ross

The Triathlon Sherpa Podcast with Angeline Tan & Graham Ross


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