Cesar Abeid – Project Management for the Masses (@cesarabeid & @alberthathazi) EP116

Cesar Abeid

Albert Hathazi & Jared Easley interview Cesar Abeid. Cesar is the awesome host of the PM for the Masses Podcast and the Construction Industry Podcast.  Originally from Brazil, Cesar immigrated to Canada, earned his bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and is now a certified Project Management Professional.  In 2004, he joined as a full time Project Manager for Remontech which provides services for construction project managers and since then he has successfully implemented and managed security and monitoring projects throughout the US, Canada, Peru, and Brazil.  Not only is he passionate about bringing project management solutions to the construction industry, but he has also expanded his scope by helping people in various industries as well.  Helping people take charge of their careers & lives and taking them to new levels are simply what Cesar hopes to be known for.



Construction Industry Podcast vs Project Management For the Masses Podcast

Cesar speaks at various conferences & events. How Cesar gets over insecurities & fears when presenting.

How Cesar takes his audience from Point A to Point B

The Power of Being Intentional Online

How Cesar defines Project Management

What is effective Project Management?

How to transform pain into an opportunity for growth and success

Creating a Narrative


Career, Family & Personal Life Balance


Cesar Abeid. Albert Hathazi.

Cesar Abeid. Albert Hathazi.

PM for the Masses with Cesar Abeid

PM for the Masses with Cesar Abeid

Video: “Love Is An Open Door” from Laura & her dad

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    […] of the three podcasters, being the second time Jared and Albert are interviewing Cesar. Back in Starve the Doubts episode 116, Cesar talked about the power of being intentional, effective project management, and […]

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