114 – Ronei Harden – You Were Created To Be Awesome (@roneiharden & @april_the_best)

Ronei Harden


Thank you to April Best from http://carelessinthecareofgod.com for co-hosting this episode!

Ronei Harden is a Dreamer, Builder, Educator, book lover, coffee drinker & writer. She is the Seeker of the Unique. You can learn more about Ronei by visiting her website – RoneiHarden.com


In this episode:


Ronei shares a little bit about her work with students

Ronei’s life changing blog post

Ronei has been called:  inspiring, strong, brave, authentic, and incredible – What does she call herself?

Advice for listeners who are not calling themselves by the right name

When your dream changes

The role that community plays when facing adversity

Caretaking in the midst of crisis

A few of the things that provided the most comfort & soul healing

Ronei Harden

Ronei Harden

additional show notes coming soon…!

Video: The day that my friends made me call Bob Goff


  1. Lucrecer on May 9, 2014 at 9:15 am

    Church! Listening to this episode was straight up church for me and I could not be more grateful to Ronei for sharing her story. Jared, you bring on the right people at the right time. Amazing!

  2. Trey Smith on May 12, 2014 at 9:52 am

    Loved this episode and the video! Glad I was able to hear part of your story and actually meet you Ronei.

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