108 – Tania Dakka – Garage Party (@taniadakka & @amanthat)



Jared Easley together with co-host Amantha Tsaros from AmanthaTsaros.com interviewed the guest of the day, Tania Dakka!

Tania is the mastermind behind TaniaDakka.com. What Tania does is make customers fall in love with your business. Tania has great skills with advance web copy. Her unique perspective turns visitors to client websites. Tania is also a writer and contributor to Chris Brogan’s Owner Magazine. Tania is also one of the most generous and giving person Jared has ever met online. Surely, Tania is someone you wouldn’t want to miss out following!

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • Tania talked about her passion for motorcycles
  • Using “YOU” instead of “I” in copy writing – “It’s always about the reader”
  • The best way to rock your addictions
  • How to direct the eyes of the readers in your website
  • The least sexy thing a person can put on a website
  • How Tania started her writing career
  • Tania’s advice for people who wants to pursue a job in writing –“Keep practicing. Go for it!”
  • Tania’s formulas in copy writing
  • Writing from your client’s head –“Spend time with them. Get to know the words they use.”
  • Tania as a contributor author in Chris Brogan’s Owner Magazine
  • Tania’s advice for people who wants to be a contributing author
  • Tania talked about daily planks
  • Daily planks in Tania’s business –Things that help you but you don’t necessarily like doing
  • Music that gets Tania into a fighting mood whenever she is discouraged
  • A quiet time for the enthusiastic and loud Tania
  • Tania’s garage party!
  • The biggest benefit of Tania’s garage party –Making more connections!
  • A creative way to grow your network
  • Entrepreneurs Tania would feature on her next garage party
  • Whose doing something that interests Tania Dakka?
Tania Dakka - Garage Party

Tania Dakka – Garage Party

Connect with Tania at: Facebook: Tania Dakka, TaniaDakka.com

Tania Dakka - Impact Equation

Tania Dakka – Impact Equation

Tania’s message for all the listeners:

“Wrap up your doubts and make things happen!”

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