Chris Guillebeau - Starve the Doubts Podcast Interview

The Happiness of Pursuit with Chris Guillebeau (@chrisguillebeau & @jodymaberry)


Chris Guillebeau

Jody Maberry is filling in for Jared Easley as host for today’s Starve the Doubts episode, as he interviews New York Times bestselling author and modern day explorer Chris Guillebeau.


Chris Guillebeau has a new book called the Happiness of Pursuit. He is best known for the blog The Art of Non-Conformity, which talks about travel, entrepreneurship, and personal development.  In 2008, he published A Brief Guide to World Domination, which drove tremendous traffic to his blog site.  He has also authored a book with the same title.  Chris is also the author of the $100 Startup. Additionally, he has written guides for travel as well as small business topics.


Chris organizes World Domination Summit, which is an annual event in Portland, Oregon with thousands of people in attendance, as well as Pioneer Nation that brings together small business owners and independent entrepreneurs.  His recent speaking engagements include Google, Facebook, Evernote, Hallmark, and Carnegie-Mellon University.


In this episode, you will learn about:

  • His book, The Happiness of Pursuit
  • Hobby vs. Goal vs. Quest
  • Shifting a sense of sadness or alienation to a sense of purpose
  • How people can use discontent and inspiration to light their fire
  • How to live a life with no regrets
  • The awareness of mortality
  • The writing process of The Happiness of Pursuit
  • The value of case studies in building on the purpose of a book


Items Mentioned:

The Happiness of Pursuit by Chris Guillebeau

The Happiness of Pursuit by Chris Guillebeau

On his book, The Happiness of Pursuit

  • He has been on a personal quest in the last 10 years, visiting different countries
  • Gave him a whole new career as a secondary benefit
  • It’s powerful message:  How a quest can change your life.
  • His goal was to create narrative of his story and other’s stories
  • A two-year process of research and writing


He studied about “quest” in general to understand:

  • Why people do that?
  • What they learned from it?
  • How did it change them along the way?

If you want to do something bigger and better, consider doing a quest.


A hobby is something you do for fun. A quest is something that you create structure or parameters around.


If you’re discontented in your life, connect it to something tangible.


Pursuing a quest brings greater purpose and meaning into your life.


Discontent is the match. Inspiration is the kindling.


The inspiring story of Sasha Martin.


A life with no regrets is a very powerful thing to be aware of and value to live by.


If you have a dream, take it seriously.


Moving from an intellectual awareness to an emotional awareness of mortality.


Adjusting from being in a sense of purpose now that the quest is done.


The quest has changed his life:

  • Living a life of gratitude
  • Taking the experience and applying it in a way that makes the world a better place


The value of case studies in building on the purpose of the book:

  • They are relatable.


The danger of not using case studies:

  • You’re only speaking from your own experience.
  • Your experience is limited.
  • The reader may not be able to relate to just one person.

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The Artful Speaker with Peter Billingham


Starve the Doubts Interview with Jayme Catsouphes

SoundCloud with Jayme Catsouphes (@jcatsoup)


Jayme Catsouphes


Be excited to hear from our guest for this episode, Jayme Catsouphes!

Jayme Catsouphes is an audio content manager for Sound Cloud –an online distribution platform where individuals can create sounds and share it everywhere. Jayme is also a radio producer, musician, and a lover of stories and music. Jayme is a member of the band The Proofs!

Jayme Catsouphes - SoundCloud

Jayme Catsouphes – SoundCloud

This episode is about:


What to do upon entering the social media marketing world

  • Figure out who you want to connect

What is music for Jayme?

  • “The great thing about music is it can hold so many contradicting things, feelings and ideas at the same time.”

How music can affect an individual

What makes a good music for Jayme?

  • “If you’re singing something that you really feel and you’re giving it your all, that’s what makes a good music.”

Jayme’s everyday inspiration in writing songs

When Jayme discovered his passion in music

Being able to form a community and share experiences about music

How Jayme’s band started

The song written by James that had the greatest story

James story on how he started working for Sound Cloud

The similarities of music and pod-casting

The opportunities available for the podcasting world in using Sound Cloud

Who would be the famous musician Jayme wants to perform with if given the chance?

Whose doing something that interests Jayme?

Jayme’s message for all the listeners:

Sound cloud is a very special community. It is a place where active musicians and podcasters can build, interact and grow a community.

Connect with Jayme Catsouphes at:


Items Mentioned:


Things to Remember:

  • Music is way to set the mood and connect to a culture. Music touches so many parts of life.

Francis Biondi - Starve the Doubts Podcast Interview

FrancisBCookin and #MasterChef with Francis Biondi (@mc5francisb & @vernonfoster)


Francis B.


Starve the Doubts host, Jared Easley, along with co-host Vernon Foster from, interviews Fox’s Masterchef Season 5 Top 15 finalist, Francis B.


Of Filipino-Italian descent, Francis Biondi is a 26-year old professional golfer-turned-homecook  who is also cooking up some awesome blog posts over at


Prior to joining the contest, Francis B. is a server at the acclaimed Rusty Spoon restaurant in Orlando.  His signature dish that landed him a spot on the top 30 finals was a southern comfort dish fused with a Moroccan touch – a cornmeal crusted grouper sitting on top of a Moroccan chickpea, relished with avocado and cucumber and pickled red onion.  His second dish was a short rib and lamb meatloaf, a gastronomic treat that earned praises from the Masterchef judges.

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • Why Francis considers himself as an “eclectic nomad”
  • How his spring rolls gave him access to celebrities
  • How his degree in entrepreneurship helped him post-Masterchef
  • Golf and cooking as his passions
  • How he got discovered by casting executives for Masterchef.
  • Why he chose salad for the audition process
  • What the casting process was like
  • The unfortunate egg roll incident
  • The things that he could’ve done differently
  • What the future holds for him
Francis Biondi on MasterChef

Francis Biondi on MasterChef

Items Mentioned:

Everything he learned in entrepreneurship has prepared him for what he’s doing.

Building a brand is hard work but you gotta put the time in.

  • marketing yourself the right way
  • talking to the right people
  • making connections

He practiced a lot of time being a pro-golfer

Golf as his passion.

Francis worked at Rusty Spoon, owned by James Beard-nominated chef Kathleen Blake.

He chose to prepare salad for the audition and they liked it a lot.

Casting went on for months because the show wanted to get to know him better.

What it was like for 2-3 months before he met with the Masterchef judges:

  • Video/phone interviews
  • They want to see what’s in your fridge.
  • They want to know your life, who you live with.

You’d never know if you’re gonna make it past that next step.

When he found out he got a spot on the show:  They chose 30 out 100 contestants.

What it was like for him to watch himself on TV

His advice to those who want to be on Masterchef:

  • Prepare.
  • Learn your basics.
  • Get into every kitchen you can and learn the secrets.

What’s cooking post-Masterchef:

  • the website – lots of recipes and content
  • videos and start a YouTube channel and show stuff in Southeast Asia

His niche:  an Asian-Mediterranean fusion

He wants to highlight cultures and countries he visited and show off how they do it there.

He hopes to be on a golf channel that features both golf and cuisines.

Who he’s interested in: Danny Bowien of Mission Chinese Food

His final thoughts:

“I’m not sleepin’.  I’m still hustlin’. Keep up with me.  Follow me… this isn’t the last you’ve seen of Francis B.  That’s for sure!”

Connect with Francis on:

Twitter @mc5francisb


Lana Easley - Starve the Doubts Podcast Interview

Friday, I’m in Love with Lana Easley


Our guest for this episode is none other than the Friday I’m in Love girl herself… My 3 year old daughter Lana Easley.

Lana and I talk about some of her favorite songs to sing with daddy. You can check out this cool video of Lana and I singing ABCD’s and the Hokey Pokey last year.

Lana is proud of her daddy for writing his first book!

Podcasting Good to Great: How to Grow Your Audience Through Collaboration by Jared Easley

Podcasting Good to Great: How to Grow Your Audience Through Collaboration by Jared Easley


Matt McWilliams - Starve the Doubts Podcast Interview

World Changer [Just Like You] with Matt McWilliams (@MattMcWilliams2 & @skropp2)


Matt McWilliams

In this episode, Jared Easley co-hosted with Mark Sieverkropp. Mark was one of the distinguished guests of the show. He co-hosts the Happen to Your Career Podcast and writes on

Mark and Jared joined together to interview Matt McWilliams. Matt is an author, speaker and the man behind Matt is a world changer who believes that he doesn’t need to make anyone to be a world changer, because we are already are. Rather, Matt’s mission is to help us find that person inside us.

Through his blog site, Matt shares his amazing life stories, experiences as well as lessons he learned from a variety of sources about love, forgiveness, success, gratitude and leadership. Matt is the author of the book The Power of Gratitude and the founder of the Thank You Revolution.


This episode is about:


Re-wiring your brain

Matt’s definition of a World Changer

What Matt would say to a person who thinks he’s just an average to become a world changer?

Matt as an entrepreneur from childhood

The oppositions and discouragements a world changer would face

The role of our experiences in our day to day decisions

  • How Matt is able to apply his experiences over his decisions

Matt’s biggest lessons from his failures

The importance of charging the right amount for your worth

Matt’s concept of Thank You Revolution

  • Stories of people giving out thank you notes
  • How Thank You Revolution is changing lives

Whose doing something that interests Matt?



Matt’s message for all the listeners:

“We were born to change the world unless were unnecessary. To be yourself is necessary –to be yourself as a world changer…World changing isn’t a big thing, it’s a whole bunch of small things”

Connect with Matt at:


World Changer T-shirt by Matt McWiliams

World Changer T-shirt by Matt McWiliams


Items Mentioned:

Shannon Hernandez - Starve the Doubts Podcast Interview

Focus on Where Your Audience Is with Shannon Hernandez (@ShanJHernandez & @WenRaqHernandez)


Shannon Hernandez

Jared Easley’s co-host for this episode was Wendy Hernandez from Together, they interviewed our guest for the day Shannon Hernandez!

Shannon is the radio host of  ShanMan 98KUPD. He is also a podcaster and an ultimate social media -online resource guide. Shannon is the genius behind –a site packed with helpful blogs, sites and resources related to social media. He seeks to assist small business owners by helping them boost their marketing efforts and become more productive and more visible on social media. Prior to his radio station, Shannon was a high school teacher for two years.

Today, Shannon shared more about his life, career and helpful takeaways for all the listeners!

Shannon and Rob Zombie

Shannon and Rob Zombie

This episode is about:


Shannon’s favorite bands

The activity that Shannon enjoys most – basketball or playing the guitar?

Shannon shared what he like most in taking Selfie, Google Plus and Instagram

Shannon says, “My camera is my weapon.”

One thing about Arizona

Shannon talked about Baghdad

Shannon’s advice for people who are afraid or intimidated to venture the “tech savvy” online world

How Shannon prepares for an interview

Shannon talked about the technique of “Misdirection”

Shannon’s best and worst takeaways from teaching

Life lessons Shannon learned from his students


  • How important are conferences for Shannon?
  • How Shannon chooses which conferences to attend?

Shannon talked about Podcasting

  • Ways to record your podcast interviews
  • Strategies in conducting a podcast interview

Social Media platforms –focus on one or spread yourself generously? “Focus on where your audience is.”

Engaging your audience

  • Shannon shared how his pattern of engaging based from the book Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuck
  • Are you getting involved in the conversation?
  • Are you building trust with your audience?
  • How to use hash tags to get more involved with your audience?

Shannon’s activities in his quiet time

Shannon’s best and worst bloopers on radio for more than ten years

Who is doing something that interests Shannon?


Shannon Hernandez loves Google Plus

Shannon Hernandez loves Google Plus

Connect with Shannon at:,


Items Mentioned:

Things to Remember:

  • Even when discouragement comes, continue your work and be patient.
  • Be very patient and understanding with children because they are innocent.
  • Conferences could change your world. They could change your perspectives and turn your world upside down.
  • Focus on one platform at a time.
  • You can do almost anything online as long as you build trust with your audience