John Kenney - Starve the Doubts Podcast Interview

Dueling Pianos with John Kenney (@johnnykaudio)


John Kenney from stopped by the show to discuss how he overcame self doubt becoming a Disney entertainer. He also started a dueling piano business for weddings and corporate events. He credits the Starve the Doubts podcast for helping his business generate $30,000 in new business in 1 day!! #Awesome

Orlando Dueling Piano Professionals

Orlando Dueling Piano Professionals

John Kenney - Dueling Pianos

John Kenney – Dueling Pianos

Vernon Foster - Starve the Doubts Podcast Interview

How to Create Your Own Event with Vernon Foster (@vernonfoster)


Vernon Foster is the Event Dude! He is the host of the Event Supremacy podcast. He is the Chief Podcast Officer at PodParrot. He is also the co-founder of Alliance Events. Vernon is a speaker, educator, traveler & philosophizer.


In this episode:

Vernon teaches you How to Create Your Own Event!


Shawn Coyne - Starve the Doubts Podcast Interview

How to Sell Books with Shawn Coyne (@BlackIrishBooks @kimanzic @jodymaberry)


In this episode, Starve the Doubts host Kimanzi Constable, along with co-host Jody Maberry from, interview Shawn Coyne. Jared Easley got a much-needed vacation.

Shawn Coyne is an author and editor. The books he has worked on have grossed over 150 million dollars in North America. His longest collaboration has been with writer Steven Pressfield. He’s edited a number of Steve’s books including The War of Art, Gates of Fire, Turning Pro,Tides of War, and The Authentic Swing. He’s also Steve’s literary agent, manager, and his business partner in Black Irish Books. You can find him at

In this episode, you will learn about:

  •   What it’s like working with Seth Godin
  •   Why authors without a large platform should self-publish
  •   A mistake too many authors make
  •   Whether or not an author needs an agent for a traditionally published book
  •   What Shawn sees as an editor with a lot of books
  •   Why podcasters should repurpose their podcast episodes into a book
  •   The book to help writers edit their own books
  •   A unique idea to market your book
  •   What it like to own a publishing company
  •   Some mistakes Shawn and Steven have made
  •   What authors can do to consistently sell books
Shawn Coyne with Steven Pressfield

Shawn Coyne with Steven Pressfield

Items mentioned:

Podcasters repurposing their podcasts as books:

  •   Specific episodes can be a book series
  •  Your guests initial reactions are what would make an authentic book
  •   Writers struggle with getting to that moment of honesty while writing

What Shawn does on interview:

  •  Whenever Shawn does an interview, he has it transcribed on his own and shares it on his blog

Getting a book contract:

  •   Publishers are large businesses that look to make profits
  •   The five major publishers and who owns them
  •   They are looking for the big hits, not to sign many authors


  •   What it’s done for authors
  •   It’s the best way to get your book out in front of an audience


  •   Why he self-published
  •   What lead to the book deal
  •   What it’s been like getting a book deal

Marketing your book:

  •   Got to market to the right target audience
  •   Your marketing efforts have to be focus
  •   Who cares about what you care about?
  •   Create content and give it to away for free

Who interest Shawn?

  •  The Performance Enhancement Center- Help veterans get over their inner wars

Connect with Shawn Twitter @BlackIrishBooks or on his Facebook page Black Irish Books.

Shawn’s final thoughts for the listeners:

“You have to love what you do, work hard, and don’t expect anything in return.”

“Everyday when you work hard, and you don’t see results, you have to remember who you do this for: other people. What’s important is to remember that we all are on this planet for something.”


Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick - Starve the Doubts Podcast Interview

The #ArtofSocial Media with @GuyKawasaki & @PegFitzpatrick (@Kimanzic)


Guy Kawasaki & Peg Fitzpatrick

In this episode, Starve the Doubts host Jared Easley is joined by co-host Kimanzi Constable from, as they welcome back Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick, two awesome people who have been on the show before.

Today, Guy and Peg talk about their exciting new book which they have co-written, called The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users.

The book offers 100 practical tips, tricks, and insights where Guy and peg present a ground-up strategy to produce a focused, thorough, and compelling presence on the most popular social media platforms. They guide you through the steps of building your foundation, amassing your digital assets, going to market, optimizing your profile, attracting more followers, and effectively integrating social media and blogging.

An impeccable combination of Peg’s sweet, genuine personality and Guy’s no-nonsense, passionate, impactful opinion of things is just what we need to make this a super fun, insightful, great show!


In this episode, you will learn more about:

  • The term “social media guru” as an oxymoron.
  • Getting ROI on social media
  • Photo attachment tips on social media
  • The optimal setup for broadcasting your podcast/webinar
  • Why Guy thinks most social media experts are BS
  • Guy’s take on his “controversial” posts and strong opinions
  • Outsourcing social media work
  • What to do when your social media strategy backfires
  • Connecting with an influencer as a good strategy
  • How to suck up to an influencer and learning the art of it


Items mentioned:

Why Guy thinks “social media guru” is an oxymoron:

  • Social media has so many variable so many things moving at once.
  • The difficulty of separating correlation from causation

ROI on Social Media

  • You work really hard and good things happen.
  • Social media can impact your sales and marketing.

Attaching photos on social media sites:

  • Social media sites have their own optimal size for photo attachments.
  • Any graphic is better than no graphic!
  • A better way to post photos on Facebook
  • Your profile picture on social media doesn’t have to be symmetrical.
  • Posting images have better engagement.

Tips for optimal broadcasting setup:

  • Whatever is built in to your computer is not enough.
  • Invest in specific external equipment you need to make your webinar right.

On Guy posting controversial, strong opinions

What Guy wants to interject into his stream:

  • Guy expresses his real opinion. And it cannot be faked.
  • The people who post for him would never touch on sensitive topics but Guy doesn’t hesitate.
  • People never know what to expect from him.
Peg Fitzpatrick and Guy Kawasaki

Peg Fitzpatrick and Guy Kawasaki

Outsourcing social media work to digital marketing agency:

  • If you need help with your social media, get help.
  • But before having someone else doing your social media, look at their social media to see what they do (great content, engagement, followers)
  • Find an independent person to work with you so they can get the flavor of who you are and what you want to do with your social media vs. going to an agency.

When your social media strategy backfires:

  • Backfires are not necessarily so bad. At least you’re trying and you’re going to learn something.
  • Social media is a very forgiving place. People need to chill out.
  • Always keep experimenting. You’ll make mistakes. So what?
  • Try stuff. Don’t listen to anybody.

Connecting with an influencer:

  • Being wary of the practice of connecting with influencers.
  • “It’s not whether you try to connect towards some purpose, it’s HOW you do it is the question. This done right is an art, this done wrong is a travesty.” - Guy Kawasaki
  • When does it work? (A few examples and tips from Guy)
  • Learning the art of sucking up
  • Creating the best subject line
  • Do your homework of knowing the person.
  • Influencers are always looking for great content.
  • Passing the re-share test


The Art of Social Media by Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick

The Art of Social Media by Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick

Peg’s final thoughts for the listeners:

“Experiment and test things and have fun with your social media.”


Guy’s final thoughts for the listeners:

“Make sure that every post you make has either a graphic or a video… it will double your engagement right there.”

Abbie Unger - Starve the Doubts Podcast Interview

Make Money with Facebook Groups with Abbie Unger (@abbieunger @kimanzic @unger82)


Abbie Unger

In this episode, Starve the Doubts host Jared Easley, along with co-hosts Jason Unger and Kimanzi Constable from, interviews Abbie Unger, a wife, a mother, a writer, speaker, a budget stretcher, a former flight attendant, and the mastermind behind Flight Attendant Career Connection, a company that offers community, encouragement, coaching, and resources to aspiring flight attendants. She is the author of the eBook  Looking Skyward: Turn Your Flight Attendant Dreams into Reality. Additionally, Abbie is partnering with Kelsey Humphreys as they launched their company shequip, where they offer resources to help women start and build a small business that they love.


Having recently been featured in Yahoo! Travel, Huffington Post, Facebook, and Mashable, to name a few, Abbie is a testament of how creating and growing a Facebook group could open doors of opportunity for your business.



In this episode, you will learn more about:

  • How the Flight Attendant Career Connection came about
  • Leveraging and growing your Facebook group
  • Jason’s thoughts on Abbie’s endeavors
  • Time spent on managing the Facebook group
  • What doors have opened up for her because of the Facebook group
  • What to expect from her upcoming book!
  • How to make money out of your Facebook group
  • How to advertise in your Facebook group the right way
  • How to handle the bad apples in your group
  • The power of affiliates
  • Abbie’s thoughts on fame



Items mentioned:

Starting her own company:

  • Writing her first eBook
  • Starting a Facebook group and growing it

Reasons for the Facebook group’s success with 9,427 members

  • Encouraging members to connect with each other
  • Creating an environment that’s easy for members to connect and become friends in the group
  • It’s a safe place! – being vigilant and watching what’s going on

How much does she spend managing the Facebook group?

The doors of opportunity that opened up because of the Facebook group:

  • Being interviewed by the Huffington Post, Yahoo Travel, Mashable, and Facebook
  • Being featured on Facebook Stories
  • Being interviewed on an Australian morning show

On her next book: Make Money with Facebook Groups: Build Relationships, Convert Customers, and Create Fame


  • How to set up your group
  • What settings to use
  • How to get the ball rolling and the relationships building
  • What to do when someone’s negative to you or to someone else in the group
  • What to do when someone’s trying to sell things through the platform you created
  • Protecting the people in your group
  • How to use the platform to get recognized by the media

Making money out of a Facebook group:

  • Using it as your platform
  • Collecting the email addresses of people in your group
  • Reaching all the members in the group with your posts

How she balances advertising in her group and not overwhelming the members


  • “Being generous is the best way to market yourself.”


  • Setting yourself up like an expert and not advertising right away.
  • Other people are advertising for her.

Handling the bad apples

  • Protecting your little tribe
  • Doing the advertising for them

How big a group has to be to sell ads

  • Size doesn’t matter, engagement does!
  • The power of affiliates

On creating fame:

  • It’s okay to be known and have a bigger platform
  • The problem comes in when you misuse it.

Corie Clark’s book The Simplicity Project and Corie’s Facebook group

Kelsey Humphreys’ book Go Solo

Chad Sumner’s Holy City Paddle Tours

Know more about Abbie at

Connect with Abbie on Twitter @abbieunger or her Facebook page Abbie Unger: Coach, Travel, Speak.

To know more about her Facebook group, join and take a look around Flight Attendant Career Connection.


Make Money with Facebook Groups by Abbie Unger

Make Money with Facebook Groups by Abbie Unger

Jason’s final thoughts for the listeners:

“If your spouse, loved one, girlfriend, boyfriend… if they have a deep down entrepreneurial spirit, just support them, give them the encouragement.”

Abbie’s final thoughts for the listeners:

“We can’t have everything, but you can pick a couple things that are really important to you and you can have those. Right now, my number one thing is to be available to my children and to be a full time mommy… You can’t have it all but you can have all the things that you want.”

Ryan Eller - Starve the Doubts Podcast Interview

Live Your List with Ryan Eller (@Ryan_Eller @VegetarianZen @KimanziC)


Ryan Eller

In this episode, Starve the Doubts host Jared Easley, and co-hosts Kimanzi Constable from and Larissa Galenes from, spoke with the awesome Ryan Eller.

Ryan is a keynote speaker and international leadership consultant with Paradigm Shift, a company that provides leadership training and team building for groups. Ryan has facilitated 19 US states as well as hosted leadership conferences in Cuba and Brazil.

Additionally, Ryan recently gave a presentation at TEDx Tulsa. He’s also the co-host of the fantastic podcast The Live Your List Show, a weekly fun, engaging, and inspiring podcast that talks about intentional leadership, personal development, and living with purpose.


In this episode, you will learn about:

  • The #1 item on Ryan’s bucket list
  • The top leadership virtue or characteristic a leader must have
  • The power of having self-discipline
  • Why leaders need to create a bucket list
  • The idea-dream-goal process
  • Purpose as a verb
  • The difference between purpose, career, and passion – Ryan’s beautiful road of life analogy!
  • Filling up your Passion Bucket
  • The importance of personal leadership
  • Living a life of intentions
Live Your List with Ryan Eller

Live Your List with Ryan Eller

Items mentioned:

What’s first in Ryan’s bucket list? – Setting foot on all SEVEN continents

Top Leadership Virtues/Characteristics a Leader Must Have

  • Self-discipline
  • Courage
  • Honesty

The power of self-discipline: The opportunity to do more, be more, experience more.

Why do leaders need to create a bucket list?

Turning a bucket list into a goal

  • Turning idea into a dream
  • Breaking down your dream into a goal


Do goals and dreams have to do with your purpose?

  • Your purpose should be a verb.
  • Mixing up goals and dreams and purpose.
  • Figuring out what your verb is and be intentional about it

The difference between purpose and career and passion

If you’re traveling down the road of life…

  • Your purpose is the road or the highway.
  • Getting on the right road to get to the right destination.
  • Your career is the vehicle in which you travel down that road.
  • You can have more than one vehicle.
  • Passion is your fuel. A mix of inspiration, motivation, rest, travel, whatever refuels you.
  • The larger the vehicle, the more fuel you will need.
  • The passion bucket – surrounding yourself with people and things that refuel you

Why personal leadership matters:

  • Goes back to self-discipline
  • Being intentional
  • Living a life of intention so you can do more than status quo
  • Maximizing your potential not for yourself but to help other people
  • To want more in order to give more
  • Being the best possible version of you so you can help other people become the best versions of themselves.

Connect with Ryan on Twitter @ryan_eller


Ryan’s final thoughts for the listeners:

“Get a pen and paper. Write down 15 items – things that you have always wanted to do in your life… don’t ‘how’ it all and figure out how it’s going to happen… if life was unlimited, what would I do?”


Stop Chasing Influencers - Starve the Doubts

Stop Chasing Influencers (@kimanzic @jaredeasley) #FreeCall #StarvetheDoubts


5 Reasons Why Courting Influencers Is a Diversion From Building Your Business (Free call)


Stop Chasing Influencers Free Call: Building an online business in 2014 is a different ball game. One of the most popular strategies that used to work, doesn’t anymore. This free call will give you one major mindset shift that’s the key to building a successful online business in today’s crowded market. The free call will be on Tuesday, November 25th at 8 pm CST/ 9 pm EST. Sign up to get the replay if you can’t make the live call. Your presenters are Kimanzi Constable and Jared Easley.


Kimanzi Constable - Starve the Doubts Podcast Interview 2

HUGE Announcements with Kimanzi Constable (@KimanziC) #StarveTheDoubts


Kimanzi Constable


Please consider joining Kimanzi & I on a FREE call to discuss 5 Reasons Why Courting Influencers Is a Diversion From Building Your Business


In this episode, Starve the Doubts host, Jared Easley, interviews Kimanzi Constable from, a writer, speaker, social media expert, a family man, and perhaps the biggest Taylor Swift fan in the world!


From having no college degree to pursuing a lucrative career in writing and speaking… from being overweight to losing a whopping 170 pounds… and finally making that big move (along with his family) from Milwaukee to Maui, Kimanzi certainly knows what starving the doubts looks like.


So here are two good reasons why you need to listen to this show. First, Kimanzi will share his insights into tapping opportunities out of speaking and consulting. Second, you might be wondering why Kimanzi has been co-hosting the show lately. Well, they’ve got a very special announcement for all the Starve the Doubts listeners out there!



In this episode, you will learn more about:


  • How to create a paid opportunity to offset something you want to do
  • 2 ways of being profitable in speaking
  • How to get yourself to speak at events/companies
  • Where to find speaking opportunities
  • How to increase your chances of getting chosen to speak
  • How much are we talking about here? $$$
  • The huge opportunity in consulting at companies
  • How to approach companies to offer consulting
  • Figuring out what problems you can solve
  • WHY Kimanzi has become a permanent guest co-host on Starve the Doubts
Kimanzi Constable

Kimanzi Constable

Items mentioned:


Creating a paid opportunity


Events like New Media Expo don’t pay you to speak.


2 Ways for Profitable Speaking:

  • Speaking at industry association conferences (healthcare, lawyers, etc.)
  • Consulting at companies


How to look up industry associations:

  • Google the terms you’re looking for
  • – (events that get you paid!)


How to get chosen as speaker at “call for speaker” sites::

  • You need to fill up a form and submit it.
  • If you’re presentation is compelling enough, they’ll pull you out of there.


How to cut through the crowd of speaker applicants:

  • Get the organizer’s email and talk to them directly.
  • Express who you are, what you want to talk about, your experience, and what their audience will get from your talk.


How much could you possibly earn?

  • Initially earning as low as $50 (this was before he learned negotiating)
  • Getting paid $3,500 at a lawyer’s association conference
  • Getting invited to speak in Sydney, Australia and getting paid $7,000
  • Doing a speaking tour in London, Paris, and Kenya


Kimanzi’s tips to those who want to pursue a speaking career:

  • Having crazy, dumb courage
  • Believe in yourself! Be confident.
  • Start local (where you are).
  • Look for those associations and send in your proposal.
  • Take the organizers out for coffee, lunch, or dinner but don’t come off as a stalker!
  • Check out the local paper and use the Internet for research.
  • Go local. Go interstate and eventually, go international!


Consulting at companies

  • Companies paid consultants $39.3 billion last year
  • You can consult at anything you want (ex. mindset consulting, copywriting, podcasting, etc.)
  • Going from company to company


How do you approach these companies:

  • Again, start local. Start where you live.
  • Look for small to medium companies.
  • Know a company’s problem so you would know what to pitch to them.
  • Pitch to a decision maker.
  • Don’t send cold emails. Talk with somebody.


The right way to do your pitch:

  • Give them data.
  • Do your research.
  • Show how you can help.
  • Tell them how much it’s going to cost.


How to figure out what problem you’re going to solve


Why Kimanzi is permanently co-hosting Starve the Doubts


Kimanzi’s final thoughts for the listeners:


“You got to beat doubt. Doubt kept me complacent for 12 years… it was a life of regret.”


“Don’t leave a life of regret. Don’t live a life of complacency. Don’t let doubt win. It’s not going to be something you can beat overnight… but you can manage it and you can beat it and you can be a huge, tremendous success!”