Kimanzi Constable - Starve the Doubts Podcast Interview 2

HUGE Announcements with Kimanzi Constable (@KimanziC) #StarveTheDoubts


Kimanzi Constable


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In this episode, Starve the Doubts host, Jared Easley, interviews Kimanzi Constable from, a writer, speaker, social media expert, a family man, and perhaps the biggest Taylor Swift fan in the world!


From having no college degree to pursuing a lucrative career in writing and speaking… from being overweight to losing a whopping 170 pounds… and finally making that big move (along with his family) from Milwaukee to Maui, Kimanzi certainly knows what starving the doubts looks like.


So here are two good reasons why you need to listen to this show. First, Kimanzi will share his insights into tapping opportunities out of speaking and consulting. Second, you might be wondering why Kimanzi has been co-hosting the show lately. Well, they’ve got a very special announcement for all the Starve the Doubts listeners out there!



In this episode, you will learn more about:


  • How to create a paid opportunity to offset something you want to do
  • 2 ways of being profitable in speaking
  • How to get yourself to speak at events/companies
  • Where to find speaking opportunities
  • How to increase your chances of getting chosen to speak
  • How much are we talking about here? $$$
  • The huge opportunity in consulting at companies
  • How to approach companies to offer consulting
  • Figuring out what problems you can solve
  • WHY Kimanzi has become a permanent guest co-host on Starve the Doubts
Kimanzi Constable

Kimanzi Constable

Items mentioned:


Creating a paid opportunity


Events like New Media Expo don’t pay you to speak.


2 Ways for Profitable Speaking:

  • Speaking at industry association conferences (healthcare, lawyers, etc.)
  • Consulting at companies


How to look up industry associations:

  • Google the terms you’re looking for
  • – (events that get you paid!)


How to get chosen as speaker at “call for speaker” sites::

  • You need to fill up a form and submit it.
  • If you’re presentation is compelling enough, they’ll pull you out of there.


How to cut through the crowd of speaker applicants:

  • Get the organizer’s email and talk to them directly.
  • Express who you are, what you want to talk about, your experience, and what their audience will get from your talk.


How much could you possibly earn?

  • Initially earning as low as $50 (this was before he learned negotiating)
  • Getting paid $3,500 at a lawyer’s association conference
  • Getting invited to speak in Sydney, Australia and getting paid $7,000
  • Doing a speaking tour in London, Paris, and Kenya


Kimanzi’s tips to those who want to pursue a speaking career:

  • Having crazy, dumb courage
  • Believe in yourself! Be confident.
  • Start local (where you are).
  • Look for those associations and send in your proposal.
  • Take the organizers out for coffee, lunch, or dinner but don’t come off as a stalker!
  • Check out the local paper and use the Internet for research.
  • Go local. Go interstate and eventually, go international!


Consulting at companies

  • Companies paid consultants $39.3 billion last year
  • You can consult at anything you want (ex. mindset consulting, copywriting, podcasting, etc.)
  • Going from company to company


How do you approach these companies:

  • Again, start local. Start where you live.
  • Look for small to medium companies.
  • Know a company’s problem so you would know what to pitch to them.
  • Pitch to a decision maker.
  • Don’t send cold emails. Talk with somebody.


The right way to do your pitch:

  • Give them data.
  • Do your research.
  • Show how you can help.
  • Tell them how much it’s going to cost.


How to figure out what problem you’re going to solve


Why Kimanzi is permanently co-hosting Starve the Doubts


Kimanzi’s final thoughts for the listeners:


“You got to beat doubt. Doubt kept me complacent for 12 years… it was a life of regret.”


“Don’t leave a life of regret. Don’t live a life of complacency. Don’t let doubt win. It’s not going to be something you can beat overnight… but you can manage it and you can beat it and you can be a huge, tremendous success!”

Richard Rierson - Starve the Doubts Podcast Interview

Becoming a Leader with Richard Rierson (@DoseofLeader @YourRealityChek @KimanziC)


Richard Rierson


In this episode, Starve the Doubts host Jared Easley is joined by two special co-hosts Kimanzi Constable, the genius behind, and Joshua Coburn, the radio host of Manners & Motivation and making kindness a way of life over at


Today’s special guest is Richard Rierson, host of Dose of Leadership and The Courageous Leadership Podcast. Richard is a father of four daughters, a husband, a leadership trainor, coach, speaker, and a pilot.


Richard’s passion for leadership is just astounding! He recently launched the new Becoming A Leader course, a four-part leadership video series intended to teach people how to increase their influence and punch mediocrity right in the face!



In this episode, you will learn more about:


  • His passion for leadership
  • What the marine corps taught him about leadership
  • Leadership at work vs. leadership at home
  • Dealing with chaos
  • The 4C’s of Leadership
  • Why the 4C’s should be a lifelong pursuit
  • The most overlooked aspect of leadership
  • Richard’s biggest liberating leadership moment
  • How to deal with mistakes
  • The biggest misconception of leadership
  • Why you should join the Becoming A Leader course
  • The infinite whiteboard video animation tool Richard uses!
Becoming a Leader with Richard Rierson

Becoming a Leader with Richard Rierson

Items mentioned:


How he got his passion for leadership


Leaving the marine corps after 10 years


Working for American Airlines (officially on the day of the 9/11 attack!)


Joining the corporate arena by October 2001


How his Marine Corps experience impacted his success


Understanding that leadership is central to everything that you do:

  • Focus on yourself first.
  • Focus on your family.
  • Everything else will follow.


The 4 C’s of Leadership

  • Calm
  • Confident
  • Consistent
  • Courageous


Why the 4 C’s should become a lifelong pursuit

  • It’s the essence and the beginning of establishing leadership foundation and culture within yourself.
  • It releases fear, limiting doubts, and uncertainty in yourself.
  • People will unconsciously see that in you and that gives them the freedom to do the same.


The most overlooked aspect of leadership: The idea that leaders have to have all the answers

  • Being afraid to admit mistakes.
  • Being afraid to say they don’t know.
  • Figuring they can’t be the one that doesn’t have the answers.


Richard’s biggest liberating moment in his leadership career:

  • When he finally accepted and stopped caring about being wrong


Dealing with mistakes:

  • No one likes to make mistakes; but if you make them, embrace them.
  • It’s not necessarily a failure but a great learning opportunity


The powerful combination: Admitting you don’t have the answers + You know that it’s going to get done!


The biggest misconception of leadership: Being in the position to lead to effect change.

What makes Richard’s leadership course unique


Awesome video presentation tool: VideoScribe by Sparkol


Book recommendation: Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage


Connect with Richard on Twitter @doseofleader and on Facebook

Sterling Wright - Starve the Doubts Podcast Interview

Sterling Wright is 100 (@Mr100Nashville @KimanziC) #HellsKitchen


Sterling Wright

**NOTE** this episode has an unfortunate echo from the skype recording. Apologies for the audio quality not being 100 :)

In this episode, Starve the Doubts host Jared Easley, along with co-host Kimanzi Constable from, interviews Sterling Wright. He is Mr. 100 from Nashville, Tennessee.

Sterling has gained wide popularity for being a contestant on the Season 13 of Hell’s Kitchen.  Not only has he shown his antics in the kitchen, but more importantly, his radiating positivity and his 100% mindset have significantly impacted people’s lives.

Sterling is simply a happy guy and he wants to bring the same happiness to people as well as touch their lives. He wants to show people that no matter how hard life can get or how you may be surrounded by negative people, it is ultimately YOUR choice to be happy!


In this episode, you will learn more about:

  • The best thing about L.A.!
  • Sterling’s experience at Hell’s Kitchen
  • What the word ‘HATERS’ stands for
  • What it means to be 100
  • The power of doing everything 100%
  • Adopting the 100 mindset!
  • What he learned from Chef Gordon Ramsay
  • His advice to people working with others who are difficult to get along with
  • How he starved the doubts during challenging times


Items mentioned:

His experience at Hell’s Kitchen

  • How he got to Hell’s Kitchen
  • It’s funny how people hate it when they see you happy
  • Why he loves Gordon Ramsay


What HATERS stands for: Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success

Why Sterling is Mr.100

  • 100% happy
  • 100% effort
  • 100% stress free
  • 100% blessed


When you’re in a room full of people:

  • You may not remember everybody in that room; but,
  • Make sure everybody remembers you by the time you leave.


How people can remember you


What he learned from Gordon Ramsay:

  • Believing in himself more
Sterling Wright - Hells Kitchen

Sterling Wright – Hells Kitchen

Sterling’s advice to people working other people who are difficult to get along with:

  • You are responsible for your own happiness.
  • Don’t let anybody bring you down.
  • If you love what you’re doing, just let it show.



His difficult times in Nashville and how he starved the doubts


If you want to do something bigger with your life:

  • Watch out for everybody!



What’s next for Sterling Wright

  • Getting his foundation, The Wright Way Foundation started to help kids



The impact of Sterling’s fiance in his life


The impact of Hell’s Kitchen in his life

  • Being grateful for what he has accomplished
  • The thought of impacting people
  • Still being happy even with Gordon yelling


What Sterling does when he’s losing it

  • Picturing his fiance in his mind
  • Taking a deep breath



Connect with Sterling on Facebook & Twitter



Sterling’s final thoughts for the listeners:

“Before you judge me, know me.”

“If you’ve tried a lot of things that didn’t work out, try God… watch the impact God has in your life.”

Sam Lytle - Starve the Doubts Podcast Interview

1000 Little Tiny Decisions with Sam Lytle (@thesamlytle @heyadamsilver)


Sam Lytle


In this episode, Starve the Doubts host Jared Easley, along with co-host Adam Silver from, interviews Sam Lytle, writer, small business owner, podcaster, civil engineer, and 3D visualizations expert.


His podcast The Civil FX talks about the art of visualizing civil engineering design as he shares with the audience the best methods for creating high quality visualizations and the importance of using 3D modeling and visualization for every project.


Sam went down this challenging yet fulfilling path of leaving his day job and jumping into finally becoming a small business owner. It’s all about finding what you love doing, enjoying both freedom and security, and starving the doubts each and every day of your life!

Sam Lytle and family

Sam Lytle and family

In this episode, you will learn more about:

  • His entrepreneurial challenges with Oggboard and what he learned along the way
  • Why he likes Starve the Doubts
  • The things he did before becoming a small business owner
  • What compelled him to 3D visualization
  • Jumping from bring a civil engineer to a full time entrepreneur
  • Having both freedom and security
  • The power of interacting with like-minded people
  • Balancing career and family life
  • The importance of giving back to others
  • His advice if he were to speak with himself 10 years back
  • His best advice to someone struggling to find their purpose in life

Items mentioned:


Sam’s initial years as an entrepreneur:

  • Invented Oggboard
  • Putting it on Kickstarter and not reaching his goal
  • Spending an entire year building the team, building a prototype, relaunching it, and failing again.
Civil FX Podcast

Civil FX Podcast

Not giving up until he is where he wants to be


Writing a book, writing for appadvice, and making his own site


Transitioning to Civil FX – a blend of his educational background and his passion for content marketing and online business


What compelled him to do 3D visualization

  • Taking the course back in college
  • Knowing what he wanted to do for business


How Sam is starving his doubts:

  • Getting immense support from his wife
  • Sacrificing their standard of living to make everything happen
  • Envisioning where Civil FX is going
  • Envisioning where they want to be as a family – life of freedom and security


How he connected with Dan Miller and other podcasters

  • The power of surrounding himself with people like him
  • Interacting with fellow podcasters


Balancing career and family life:

  • Always put your family first.
  • Keep your significant other involved as much as possible


Giving back to other people:

  • Fulfilling his dream of being a career coach in the future
  • Finding people that aren’t satisfied in life but have the motivation to do something about it


His advice if he could speak to himself 10 years ago:

  • Focus on family and education.


His best advice to someone struggling to find their purpose in life:

  • You’ll know it when you’re loving what you’re doing and not noticing that a day has even gone by.
  • If you don’t have these moments, do as many things as possible until you find that passion in life.
  • Step outside of your comfort zone. You got to try new things.


Just raise your hand freely and say “yes” to trying new things:

  • Meet new people.
  • Have new experiences.
  • Find things that you enjoy more than your regular job.


People that interest Sam right now (aside from Jared):



Connect with Sam:

Sam’s Final Thoughts for the Listeners:

“If there’s anyone out there that doesn’t think they’re ever gonna have an opportunity to get out of their day job or not happy in their state in life, just be patient… and make that commitment that you’re gonna get there.”

Amy Robles - Starve the Doubts Podcast Interview

The Family Knot with Amy Robles (@itsAmyRobles & @SpencerJCox)


Amy Robles


In this episode, Starve the Doubts host Jared Easley is joined by special co-host Spencer Cox, Lieutenant Governor of Utah, as they interview Amy Robles, an emerging presence online who’s doing big things. She is a military spouse, mom, blogger, host of The Family Knot podcast, friend, collaborator, a ray of sunshine, and she loves to chat over nachos!


Amy was recently featured on The Huffington Post for the excellent work she’s been doing on the podcast, a show especially made for military spouses, moms, and side hustlers. Her blog is also about financial strategies and how to do better as she seeks to help women live enriched lives by feeling inspired, energized, and uplifted with the strong support of family and friends.

Listen to this episode as Amy’s sweet, endearing personality comes through and find out why Amy is so amazed by the fact that she’s having this very conversation with Jared and Spencer.

In this episode, you will learn more about:


  • Where the navy has taken Amy and her family
  • 2014 – the year that changed her family’s life!
  • Joining Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University
  • Paying off $25,000 of their debt
  • What drove her to start her own podcast
  • How Starve the Doubts impacted her life
  • Ways to starve her doubts
  • Why she named her blog
  • The challenges of being a military spouse
  • Finding the perfect name for her podcast
  • Amy’s tips for military spouses
  • Her money saving secrets
Woman Enriched with Amy Robles

Woman Enriched with Amy Robles

Items mentioned:


Moving from Hawaii to Washington state


Saving up for Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University and going through the program


Blogging and podcasting

  • Getting nervous and scared and nauseous
  • Seeking help from friends
  • Listening to Starve the Doubts and getting inspired by this message:

“You can do it! You can face your fear and step out and be brave. Do something different.”



How she starves the doubts along this process:

  • The 100 Rejection Letters project
  • Blogging and podcasting


Why being a military spouse is stressful

  • From being a cooperative team to being a one-man show
  • The uncertainty of when your spouse is coming back
  • The element of loneliness
  • The need to reach out and make friends fast
The Family Knot Podcast with Amy Robles

The Family Knot Podcast with Amy Robles

Why she named her podcast The Family Knot


Her advice for military spouses:

  • It is never, ever wrong to ask for help.


Her money saving secrets:

  • Stay away from buying little things.
  • Take a chaperon with you when going to the store.
  • Give three valid reasons why you need to buy a certain thing.
  • Needs vs. wants



Connect with Amy @itsamyrobles



Amy’s final thoughts for the listeners:

“Maybe it’s your finances, maybe you’ve just got a house that is drowning in clutter… you don’t do it all in one day. It’s one step at a time.”


Need encouragement? Send Amy a message and she’d love to cheer you on. Truly.


Bill Nowicki - Starve the Doubts Podcast Interview

#VeteransDay Special with Bill Nowicki (@wnowickiz1 & @kimanzic)


Bill Nowicki


In celebration of Veterans Day, Starve the Doubts host Jared Easley is joined by Kimanzi Constable from, as they interview Bill Nowicki, a cold war veteran who’s a former submariner turned engineer and a budding podcaster.


Bill is the host of the Submarine Sea Stories show over at, where he uses the power of storytelling to create a platform that reaches out to veterans of all ages to help reinvent themselves and transform their lives.


Bill is looking at putting together a network of folks that help vets smoothly transition from the military to civilian life. Being a manager and a coach, Bill seeks to apply some of the skills he has learned over the years and hopefully help these veterans in their transition journey.



In this episode, you’ll learn about:


  • Submariner terms, defined!
  • Bill’s favorite submarine movie
  • What’s food like in the submarine, the swim call, and a challenging story at sea
  • Starving the doubts during the difficult seasons of his military experience
  • The power of taking chances
  • Venturing into podcasting
  • The power of storytelling
  • His best advice for fellow podcasters
  • Finding your voice
  • The value of following other people’s struggles

Bill Nowicki Submarine Sea Stories


Items mentioned:


Life as a Submariner

  • Defining submariner terms – Angles and dangles, A-gangers, Crank, Bubbleheads, Dink, Scuttlebutt
  • Swim calls and being at sea for 70 days
  • Running out of food in the submarine, living with one meal a day for two weeks


What Veterans Day means to Bill

  • Having a network of people in the military and the difficulty in transitioning to the big world


Starving the doubts as a submariner:

  • Learning new things and being empowered to do things
  • Seeing himself differently and seeing changes in his life


Life after leaving the navy:

  • Going to college and getting a degree in electrical engineering
  • Taking jobs and ending up managing 67 people


Having the will to take chances


Taking a shot at podcasting:

  • Getting help from Meron Bareket
  • Joining the Podcast Movement
  • Trying out podcasting


“That’s what life is all about… just keep pushing yourself and see what happens.”


What got him into podcasting:

  • His love for storytelling
  • How storytelling transports you


His best advice to fellow podcasters:

  • Just do it.
  • Do it regularly. Don’t put if off.
  • Over time, you will find your voice and get traction.


Connect with Bill at


Get his free eBook on 6 Mistakes that Vets Make When They’re Transitioning From the Military at



Bill’s final thoughts for the listeners:

“When you get stuck… get with somebody, get with a group of people, do a meetup… just get together with people that are like-minded, and get yourself kick-started and then be a cannonball to them. Before you know it, you start transitioning and you start recreating yourself as a new person.”

Melissa Hawks - Starve the Doubts Podcast Interview

Mutiny of Dreamers with Melissa Hawks (@MelissaHawks & @Cory_Copeland)


Melissa Hawks


In today’s episode, Starve the Doubts host Jared Easley, along with special co-host Cory Copeland, the Editor-in-Chief of Bedlam Magazine, interviews Melissa Hawks, a passionate dreamer, a storyweaver, a writer for Bedlam Magazine, and the genius behind the recently successful Kickstarter campaign, Mutiny of Dreamers.


Melissa’s project, Mutiny of Dreamers is about embarking a 40-day road trip across the country interviewing different people who are dreamers and serving as her inspiration for the book she’s working on, which is of the same name, Mutiny of Dreamers.


Melissa believes that story changes us. And love redeems story. As she loves learning from stories of other people, she too seeks to share with us her story and her dreams and how this trip has changed her life forever!



In this episode, you’ll learn more about:


  • Melissa’s Mutiny of Dreamers Kickstarter campaign
  • What inspired her to do this trip
  • What Peter Billingham said to Melissa that sticked to her up to this day!
  • Doing a pilgrimage of people
  • Building a community around her dream
  • Choosing the cities she was going to
  • How the trip was different to what she expected
  • Some challenges along her journey
  • Who were the dreamers that impacted her life?
  • The common threads she found among these people
  • What has changed after the trip?
  • Tearing down her high walls
  • Her big takeaway from the trip!



Items mentioned:


Mutiny of Dreamers Kickstarter campaign

  • Interviewing people who are pursuing their dreams and their dreams taking them on a journey.
  • How their dreams have impacted Melissa’s life in some ways
  • Launched the Kickstarter campaign which was successfully funded
  • Now finishing her trip and working on her book



Who inspired her to travel and talk to people

  • Peter Billingham – one of the greatest storytellers you’ll ever meet!
  • She knew it was time to come back to who she really is



The cities Melissa visited for this project:

  • LA
  • San Francisco
  • Las Vegas
  • Tucson
  • Portland
  • Houston, Dallas, Austin
  • Nashville
  • Chicago
  • Atlanta
  • DC
  • North Carolina
  • New York
  • Minneapolis
Mutiny of Dreamers with Melissa Hawks

Mutiny of Dreamers with Melissa Hawks

Going through the trip without expectations


Organizing everything with her VA


Things don’t usually work out as you plan


The Dreamers

  • Some she had met only once or tweeted with once.
  • She contacted them and were willing to get involved in her project
  • Teri Murphy, author of the book Connect
  • Jon Acuff, bestselling author/speaker (and her wife, Jenny)
  • Doug Willock, astronaut
  • and more!



The things common to the people she’ve met:

  • High-performing
  • Highly driven
  • Difficulty to pursue rest
  • The tendency to take on a lot of projects
  • They are dreamers and doers

How the trip has changed her life:

  • She knew she would be different at the end of the trip
  • We get really good at putting up walls and putting up masks in front of the world.
  • Masks can be useful but they can translate to bigger walls and you end up blocking people off
  • Experienced different, small moments of people loving her well
  • All these things tore down her walls




The power of letting go!


People who interest Melissa as of the moment:


Connect with Melissa on Twitter @MelissaHawks.



Melissa’s final thoughts for the listeners:


“All of us are created with a dream. You have something that you’re created to do… when you begin living that thing that you’re created to do, you are filling your role and your piece of the greater narrative of the greater story. And that makes it a better story as a whole.”

Zac Bob - Starve the Doubts Podcast Interview

CrowdFund Genius with Zac Bob (@ZacBob & @KimanziC)


Zac Bob


In this episode, Starve the Doubts host Jared Easley is joined by Kimanzi Constable from, as they interview Zac Bob, a podcaster, and crowdfunder. He is the mastermind behind CrowdFund Genius, an outstanding podcast for anyone considering crowdfunding and getting really good advice on preparing for their crowdfunding campaign.


Zac initially got into crowdfunding when Kickstarter came out, yet deferred doing a podcast about it. Until time finally came for him to find his voice around the crowdfunding niche sharing some of the best tips and tricks of the trade to all crowdfunding enthusiasts as well as those looking into being part of this crowdfunding rave.



In this episode, you’ll learn about:


  • Kickstarter vs. Indiegogo
  • Zac’s favorite crowdfunded campaign
  • What compelled Zac to launch the CrowdFund Genius podcast
  • What is the gogo factor?
  • How to start planning for a crowdfunding campaign
  • Common types of crowdfunding campaigns
  • The most interesting crowdfunding campaigns
  • Awesome crowdfunding tips for so you can reach your goals!
  • Launching a crowdfunding campaign without an email list
  • Do you need a high-production video?
  • Crowdfunder resources
  • Best social media channels to promote your campaign
  • What is ‘stretch goals?’
  • More Kickstarter campaign tips!



Items mentioned:  


How Zac started with the CrowdFund Genius podcast


On Indiegogo:

  • Indiegogo having a successful email list of around 15 million people
  • Quickey – tried to raise $4,000 and ended up raising $221,000 because of the gogo factor
  • The gogo factor – an algorithm that allows you to find more people and learn about your campaign through Indiegogo
  • Ways to increase your gogo factor


Oculus Rift – Zac’s favorite Kickstarter campaign

  • Crowdfunded campaign for a virtual reality headset
  • Asked for $250,000 and they raised $2.4 million
CrowdFund Genius

CrowdFund Genius

Planning for a crowdfunding campaign:

  • Hire a consultant.
  • Do it on your own.
  • Do your research.-, Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, podcast


The common types of crowdfunding campaigns:

  • Rewards-based
  • Equity-based


Most interesting campaigns:

  • We Can Be Heros – Indiegogo



Tips for a successful crowdfunding campaign:

  • Get out there and start now.
  • Start doing your research immediately.
  • Start your social media channels.
  • Start telling your story.
  • Start building interest.
  • Start building a fan base and an email list.
  • Get all these stuff going months in advance before you launch.



Launching a campaign without an email list:

  • Possible!
  • had a huge email list but didn’t use it for their crowdfunding campaign



Using videos for your crowdfunding campaign

  • A high quality video is not really necessary
  • Mutiny of Dreamers – Melissa Hawkes did a video using only her phone but was able to raise money


If you fail once, try again!


Crowdfunder resources:



Best social media channels for crowdfunding campaign:

  • Facebook – 1st place
  • Twitter and Instagram tie for 2nd place


Crowdfunding campaign tips:

  • Keep your pledge amounts simple.
  • Prepare at least 2 months ahead.


Going for “stretch goals”


Connect with Zac over at