Rory Vaden - Starve the Doubts Podcast Interview

Take the Stairs with Rory Vaden (@rory_vaden & @steve_tessler)


Rory Vaden

In this episode, Jared Easley together with his co-host Steven Tessler from were fortunate to interview our guest for today, RoryVaden!

Rory Vaden is a key note speaker, performance coach, consultant, author, entrepreneur and a self disciplined strategist. He founded South Western Consulting which works with companies, organizations and individuals in achieving success by leveraging self discipline. Rory is the author of the book Take the Stairs which happened to be a New York Times best seller, a number one book in, Wall Street Journal and USA Today!  

Rory hosts the Rory Vaden Show, a national weekly radio show for movers and shakers in the world of business. Rory seeks to help people improve their focus, raise their productivity and increase their income when they take the stairs!


This episode is about:


The buffalo mindset

The pain of regret or the pain of self discipline

The real deal of procrastination

The paradox principle of sacrifice

  • “The easy short term choices lead to difficult long term consequences while the difficult short term choices lead to easy long term consequence.”

Fear as the false evidence of reality

  • “Fear is a fictional story. It’s our creativity working in the wrong direction.”           

Rory explains the phrase “Start with a STOP”

  • “There is a tremendous amount of progress that can be made from simply deciding on what things you need to stop doing.”

The reasonable time for sleep

Discipline as a requirement in achieving anything in life

The one thing that every successful person has in common

Three types of procrastination

  1. Classic procrastination
  2. Creative avoidance procrastination
  3. Priority dilution procrastination

Rory’s motivation in studying self-discipline

  • Rory’s story of learning discipline through martial arts in a very young age

Deciding what NOT to do

  • Figuring out what’s necessary
  • Concentrating only on what needs to be done

The mistake of trying to do things faster

Servant selling –selling as the by product of serving

  • “If you focus on serving people, your gonna increase your sales.”

Why do sales people get nervous in selling?

  • “The only time that you get nervous is when you focus on yourself, your commission and your sale…”

Winning the person’s trust versus winning a sale

Rory explains the phrase, “Success is never owned, it’s rented and it’s never due.”

Whose doing something that interests Rory?


Rory’s message for all the listeners:

“Success is never owned, it’s rented and the rent is due every day. If you’re willing to embrace that your gonna see changes in your life.”


Connect with Rory Vaden at:


Take the Stairs by Rory Vaden

Take the Stairs by Rory Vaden

Procrastinate on Purpose by Rory Vaden

Procrastinate on Purpose by Rory Vaden

Items Mentioned:


Things to Remember:

  • Problems that are procrastinated on are only amplified. Waiting always makes it worst.
  • Procrastination and indulgence are nothing more than creditors that charge us interests.
  • Making the sacrifice, putting in the work, doing the extra effort and being disciplined creates the easier life. It’s really not a sacrifice but a short term down payment on a rich future blessing.
  • Successful people had formed a habit of doing things they know they should be doing even when they don’t feel like doing them.
  • Distraction is a dangerously deceptive saboteur of our goals.
  • Enjoying is not a requirement of doing things.
  • Self discipline isn’t as hard as we think when we know how to think about it the right way.
  • It’s hard to be nervous when your heart is on service.


Rory Vaden Show

Rory Vaden Show

Rich Brooks - Starve the Doubts Podcast Interview

Agents of Change Conference with Rich Brooks (@therichbrooks)


Rich Brooks


It is our privilege to welcome our guest for this episode, Rich Brooks!

Rich Brooks is the founder of The Marketing Agents Podcast and the Agents of Change Conference –a digital marketing conference that teaches people how to use search social and mobile to reach the ideal customers. Rich is also the president of Flyte New Media –a web design internet marketing company that help small businesses grow through improving their SEO, building their audience with social media marketing and building mobile optimized websites!


This episode is about:


Rich’s experiences from the Grateful Dead concert

  • What Rich has to say with the marketing of the Grateful Dead concert

Rich talked more about the Agents of Change Conference, Search in Social and Mobile

  • Reaching out and engaging your audience
  • Using the platforms that works for you and your audience
  • Creating an easier platform to reach your audience through mobile

How to get found in the search engines –Go out and take action!

  • Is your business “transactional”?
  • Is your business relationship based?
  • Is your business reaching your mobile audience?

How blogging and online videos increase your visibility on the search engines

What to expect from the Agents of Change Conference 2014!

The podcast shows that Rich follows and listens to

Rich’s advice for the people who want to start monetizing their blogs

  • Please your audience first before thinking of monetizing, because otherwise you’re bound to fail.

Different ways on how to earn money from your blogs

  • Ads, Affiliate programs and more!
  • How Rich monetizes his blog in Flyte New Media? –Start generating leads!

Knowing the value of Social Media Optimization (SEO) for your business

  • Figure out the worth of SEO for your business

Writing persuasively + SEO = Sale!

Main Tweet Ups and Facebook Main –Places where people of the same niche meet together

Events and conferences as the new business platforms!

Who’s doing something that interests Rich?



Rich Brooks message for all the listeners:

“Luck favors the prepared. It always seems that there are lucky people around us but they’re never us. Those people aren’t lucky; they just worked really hard on it. And if they were lucky, chances are they won’t be able to keep what they got through just shared luck. Do what you need to do to succeed and your opportunities will come around. We can only take advantage of that opportunity when we work on our craft.”


Connect with Rich at:


Agents of Change Conference 2014

Agents of Change Conference 2014

Items Mentioned:


Marketing Agents Podcast

Marketing Agents Podcast

Things to Remember:

  • 90 percent of your problems will be solved if your website is mobile optimized!
  • Whatever it is that you don’t enjoy doing, or if you’re just too busy, just hire somebody to get it done.

Matt Giovanisci - Starve the Doubts Podcast

Listen Money Matters with Matt Giovanisci (@mattgiovanisci & @bizrepublic)



In this episode, Starve the Doubts host Jared Easley together with co-host Omar Zenhom from interviewed one of the most creative people Jared knows online. He is no other than Matt Giovanisci!

Matt is the man behind and the CEO at started with a blog site which talked about personal finance including income, debt, budgeting and investing that eventually turned into a podcast. on the other hand, is an online guide to pool care and maintenance. Matt is also an award winning web designer.


This episode is about:


The three steps to a clean pool are:

  1. Cleaning
  2. Circulation
  3. Chemicalization

Matt’s heroes in the podcast world

What inspired and motivated Matt in putting up

  • Matt’s first work experiences as a young man
  • Combining two different work experiences that resulted in creating a new business

How Matt reached out to his target audience despite of the limited market

  • Creating videos in Youtube to reach out to your audience

The birth of

How hosts Andrew and Matt of meet and started the podcast together

Getting an alternative way to earn extra income…

“Look down inside yourself and decide if you’re the type of person who can juggle into jobs and hustle to make that income. You have to decide why you want that income. You need specific goals!”

Matt’s advice for the person who wants to be debt free

Matt’s tips on using Debit Card versus Credit Card on daily purchases

  • Don’t use debit cards on your daily purchases
  • Credit cards have more protection

Important lessons from Matt on buying new cars

  • Don’t forget that a car’s ultimate purpose is to get you from point A to point B
  • Remember that with comfort comes cost
  • Think practically

The disadvantages of frugality

Matt talked about the books he co-authored with Andrew: (Mastering Men) and the Ten Day Debt Reduction Plan

The power to choose your own retirement date

  • How Matt defines retirement
  • The date Matt chooses to retire

Matt talked about budget and investments

Matt’s role on Listen Money Matters Podcast

Giovanisci’s message for the listeners:

“If you’re trying to do something online, a business, you have to throw caution to the wind and be yourself… I decided that I wanted to create stuffs that I wanted to do… Do something that you really want to do. Keep creating… something will come out of it. ”


Connect with Matt Giovanisci at:

@MattGiovanisci;, @SwimUniversity;, @MoneyMattersMan,



Items Mentioned:

  • Discover Card
  • Tim Ferris
  • John Lee Dumas
  • Caleb from Fizzle

Things to Remember:

  • Buy only the things that you want and the things that you need.

Joel Comm - Starve the Doubts Podcast Interview

A Fun Conversation with Joel Comm (@joelcomm & @john_dennis)


Joel Comm is an entrepreneur, bestselling author, public speaker, social media evangelist, and mobile marketing innovator as well as a leading authority on new media marketing tactics. With over eighteen years of Internet business experience, Joel has found success in multiple niches. Corporations, small-to-medium sized businesses and entrepreneurs trust him for sound, practical advice and creative thinking.

John Dennis from Smart Time Online joined me for this episode as co-host!

In this episode:

  • Klout
  • Joel announces his next book (it has something to do with Twitter)
  • Taking a Break
  • Great advice for Starting up again!

Joel Comm Podcast

Twitter Power

Twitter Power

More notes coming soon!

Brad Feld - Starve the Doubts Podcast Interview

Work Life Harmony with Brad Feld (@bfeld)



Brad Feld is a work life harmony entrepreneur, blogger, speaker, author, and the man behind  He is the co-founder and managing director at the Foundry Group, a venture capital firm that focuses its investments in early-stage information technology, software, and Internet startup companies across North America.   Brad has been an early-stage investor and entrepreneur for 20 years and he has been active in a number of nonprofit organizations.

In this episode:

Do More Faster by David Cohen and Brad Feld

Do More Faster by David Cohen and Brad Feld

Venture Deals by Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson

Venture Deals by Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson

Startup Life by Brad Feld and Amy Batchelor

Startup Life by Brad Feld and Amy Batchelor

  • Brad gives outstanding relationship advice
  • Emmett Culligan Sculpture
  • Brad & Amy’s monthly dinners (take notes here)
  • How Brad overcomes Self Doubt
  • The Demon Parable – Jerry Colonna
  • Advice on Digital Addiction – Systematically carve out time away from the stimuli.
  • Digital Sabbath
  • Advice: Do something for yourself by yourself every day for 1 hour.
  • Create Blocks of Uninterrupted Time to Work on Projects
  • Brad is deeply intrigued by the integration between humans & machines.
  • FitBit
  • FG Press – High Quality Modern Publishing
  • The Role of Fun – incorporating happiness & joy as much as possible

Renee Groskreutz - Starve the Doubts Podcast Interview

I Teach Blogging with Renee Groskreutz! (@iteachblogging & @andi_inspired)



Starve the Doubts host Jared Easley, had two very special people in the show for this episode.

His co-host was Andi Ries, the producer from Together, they interviewed the woman who is very passionate about blogging. She is no other than Renee Groskreutz and she is ready to teach us about blogging today! Renee is passionate about blogging for business!


This episode is about:

Renee’s favourite concerts

Renee’s takeaways from  WordCamp Austin

About Renee’s name

  • The most common miss pronunciations of Renee’s last name
  • The surname that Renee would choose if given the chance to change it

How Andy Reese and Renee meet and started their business together

Who is Renee as a speaker

Renee talked about her Podcast :)

  • Renee’s motivation in putting up her podcast
  • The purpose of Renee’s blog
  • The doors that opened for Renee upon starting her own podcast


The challenges that new bloggers face

  • The fear that they are not good writers
  • The fear of judgement and criticisms

Renee talked about her blog post that says, “You don’t have enough time? BS*”

  • “Everything in life comes down to choices.”
  • “There’s truth when you don’t have enough time, but you create time for what’s important.”

Can every person blog?

The very important recipe for blogging –Dedication!

Steps in starting a blog

Editorial Calendar

  • Does Rene use an editorial calendarfor her blog posts?
  • Would Rene recommend an editorial calendar for a beginner in blogging?

The problem when too many tools are introduced

How to recognize when it’s time for pivoting -Stop, take a breath and plan in advance!

Getting honest feedback from your audience

Tools in beginners and advanced bloggers:

  • Mind Jet
  • Evernote
  • WordPress
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Plus
  • Yoast
  • Pic Monkey


Rene’s message for the listeners:

“Content is not scary. As long as you are adding value… tell something to somebody that you wish they knew.  If you do that, your business will grow. It will take time, nothing happens fast. If it happens fast, then it’s probably not goanna last.


Connect with Rene G at:


Item’s mentioned:

Emily Chase Smith - Starve the Doubts Podcast Interview

The Financially Savvy Entrepreneur with Emily Chase Smith (@emilychasesmith)


Emily Chase Smith


Jared Easley interviews entrepreneur, Emily Chase Smith, and the author of The Financially Savvy Entrepreneur:  Navigate the Money Maze of Running a Business.  She is also the host of The Money Morsels Podcast.  She will be speaking at The Podcast Movement in August 2014 in Dallas, Texas.  A bankruptcy lawyer by profession, Emily seeks to help entrepreneurs avoid the painful path of bankruptcy by helping them become financially savvy and thus be able to make and keep more money.  In this episode, Emily also shows off her ukelele and singing skills making this a light, fun show, and ultimately making this one of Jared’s favorite episodes.


In this episode, you will learn about:

  • The impact business and entrepreneurship in her family had on her
  • Her transition from early lawyering to becoming the bankruptcy lawyer expert
  • Her Aha! moment defending the mobile home park manager
  • What makes a good law.
  • The value of putting a system in place in your finances.
  • The painful process of bankruptcy.
  • The best $25-$35 she ever spent when she she purchased Michael Hyatt’s eBook.
  • How she managed to finish her book.
  • Traditionally published book vs. self-published book.
  • The value of attending conferences and her advice to conference attendees.


The Financially Savvy Entrepreneur by Emily Chase Smith

The Financially Savvy Entrepreneur by Emily Chase Smith

Items mentioned:

  • Emily grew up knowing her grandparents were very self-made and her dad being a successful architect.
  • Emily started law school at 19, but eventually realized that it wasn’t a good fit for her.  She eventually found her niche in bankruptcy law.
  • She works with almost exclusively small business owners.
  • A good law is understandable and can be applied.
  • Entrepreneurs need to understand the law  It is something you need to dive into.
  • Keep your finger on the financial pulse of your business.
  • You need to have systems in place so you can look at your business financially.
  • What compelled Emily her into writing her book, The Financially Savvy Entrepreneur
  • She bought Michael Hyatt’s eBook to help guide her in writing her book.
  • She also got the book from Amazon, the 2013 Book of Literary Agents, all organized by subject matters at the back and set her query out from one agent after another.
  • Writing the book was harder than the whole process of getting an agent and getting it sold.
  • She decided to go for a traditionally published book primarily because of the media attention and it opened up a door of opportunities for her.
  • She never misses attending the New Media Expo.  This year she got to meet Dan Miller who ended up writing an endorsement for her book.
  • Conferences can give you access to people you never would’ve thought you’d have access to.
  • Emily encourages people to read books related to their niche.
  • Other celebrities who endorsed her book:
    • John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing
    • Jared Easley (and this was his Aha! moment)


Douglas Neill - Starve the Doubts Podcast Interview

Verbal to Visual with Doug Neill (@douglaspneill & @jodymaberry)



In this episode, Starve the Doubts host Jared Easley together with co-host Jody Maberry from and the Park Leaders Podcast interviewed Doug Neil.

Doug is an artist who helps people and organizations turn ideas into art through sketch notes and illustrations. He is passionate about ideas and believes ideas can bring positive change to individuals and communities. Doug created websites, books and a podcast centered on a concept of turning ideas into art.

This episode is about:


Should you check your email first thing in the morning or save it for later?

Scheduling exercise and sleep

Progress over perfection

Doug shared his experience and takeaways from Pioneer Nation

How Doug turned his passion for art into a sustainable business

Doug explains why 2014 is his year of conquering resistance

Declaring a theme for the year

Doug defines Sketch Noting

Doug talked about the book Sketch Note Skill Builder –a book of activities to help you develop your skills

The Verbal to Visual Podcast

  • Translating ideas from verbal/audio to visual
  • Interviewing people from the audio and visual spectrum

Ways to use sketch noting and illustration in your daily activities


Doug’s message for the listeners:

“Start by picking up a pen or a note book and start scribbling. Don’t worry about the artistic quality… Just start scribbling out and get used to making marks on the page.”    

Connect with Doug Neill at:,,

Sketchnoting with Doug Neill

Sketchnoting with Doug Neill


Items Mentioned:

  • Pioneer Nation
  • (The War of Art) by Steven Pressfield
  • Sketch Note Handbook by Mike (Grody)
  • Doodle Revolution by Sunny Brown


Things to Remember:

  • Post things that you want to hear
  • Throw sketches on your walls  to keep you reminded of your ideas
  • Seek progress not perfection

The Graphic Recorder

Verbal to Visual 

verbal to visual podcast with doug neill

verbal to visual podcast with doug neill

Doug is on Twitter